Hardtofindbrands.com Gives New Life To Mature Health, Personal Care Products

McDONALD, PA, APRIL 1, 2003—A new web site, hardtofindbrands.com, has been launched to help consumers find their favorite medicines and personal care products that may no longer be available at retail, said Company Founder, Ralph J. Dadowski, a 40-year veteran of the consumer health care industry.

“Due to heavy competition for limited retail space, many major household brands are no longer available in retail stores,” said Dadowski. “A number of the brands—Bromo Seltzer, Aspergum, and Serutan—to name just a few, have been used by families for generations and are considered the ‘only thing that works.’ Through hardtofindbrands.com, we are providing convenient access to those brands for the consumer, and a profitable alternative to retail distribution for the brand’s manufacturer.”

Over 200 products, are listed on the user-friendly site. Once a consumer orders a product, it is processed in 24 hours or less, and can be delivered via a variety of shipping options from the company-owned, 20,000 square foot, modern warehouse.

For more information, log-on to hardtofindbrands.com, or call 1-888-796-4832.

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