Harvest Time Bread Company Introduces All Natural and Organic Omega-3 Eight Grain Breads with Denomega

(Boulder, August 31, 2007) Denomega Nutritional Oils, the leading provider of taste-and-odor-free omega-3 solutions is pleased to announce that Harvest Time Bread Company has just launched All Natural and Organic 8 Grain Breads containing Denomega’s healthy Omega-3.

“With all of the publicity about Omega-3, we wanted to offer our customers the health benefits of omega-3,” said John Gaches, President of Harvest Time, “but we were concerned about taste. When we crossed paths with Denomega, we were amazed that their oil had no taste or aroma at all. When we put it into our bread formulation, there was no impact on the taste or aroma of the bread. Now, the consumer can get the health benefits of Omega-3 along with the health benefits of our multi-grain breads.”

“Harvest Time is the first company in the United States to add our omega-3 to a bread product,” said Ron Wheelwright, Key Account Executive with Denomega. “Our unique and superior quality Omega-3 products were the perfect match for Harvest Time’s extensive and well-respected product line.”

Denomega’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Jan Haakonsen continued, “We are excited that their quality-focused selection process lead them to us and our products. At Denomega, we pride ourselves in offering the best Omega-3 products for the food and beverage industries. I see this as a testimonial that our concept also meets the high standards expected by US bakeries.”

About Denomega Nutrional Oils

Denomega Nutritional Oils is a leading player in Omega-3 products and has several production facilities in Norway. The company is part of Borregaard Ingredients, which has global niche positions in vanillin products, yeast and yeast extracts and Omega-3 products. Borregaard is an international company with strong positions in specialty products based on natural raw materials, as well as niches within fine chemicals for the pharmaceutical industry. Borregaard anticipates revenues in 2007of approximately USD 750 million. Visit us at www.denomega.com for more information.

Contact persons:
Jan Haakonsen, (719) 201-4641, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Denomega Nutrional Oils
Ron Wheelwright, (303) 581-9004, Key Account Executive, Denomega Nutrional Oils
John Gaches, (732) 634-6460, President, Harvest Time Bread Company

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