Have It Your Way – Nordic Naturals Omega-3 Formula in Fish Gelatin Capsules Is Ideal for Pesco-Vegetarians

Watsonville, California (February 24, 2005) Pesco-vegetarians can rejoice says Nordic Naturals with the introduction of their best-selling Omega-3 formula in fish gelatin capsules with natural lemon flavor. Derived from tilapia, these capsules are 100% sourced from fish and are perfect for vegetarians that eat fish and those on restricted diets that require an alternative to regular bovine-derived gelatin caps. According to Corinna Benoit, National Sales Manager for Nordic Naturals, “We had so many requests from our customers for this type of presentation that we had to respond immediately. Last fall, we introduced the product on a small scale and now the response has been phenomenal!” Nordic Naturals Omega-3 Formula providing EPA and DHA from purified fish is now available to consumers in 3 lemon flavored options: gelatin capsules, fish gelatin capsules and in liquid form. Nordic Naturals currently holds a patent for their unique flavoring of gel caps.

Emerging research shows that omega 3 fatty acids support a positive mood and overall mental well-being. The Food and Drug Administration has approved a qualified health claim for supplements and foods containing fish oils, which states that consumption of Omega-3 fatty acids from fish oils may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. In addition, the American Heart Association recommends 2 to 4 grams of EPA and DHA daily for people with elevated triglycerides and 1 gram daily for people with documented cardiovascular disease.

Founded by husband-and-wife team Joar and Michele Opheim, Nordic Naturals sets the standard for freshness, purity, and taste in omega supplements. Nordic Naturals oils are produced through a patented manufacturing process and are molecularly distilled for purity and freshness, utilizing an enzymatic distillation process that delivers oils in their natural triglyceride form for improved shelf life and absorption.

Nordic Naturals products are third-party tested and surpass all international standards for freshness and purity. They are lightly flavored using a patented process which instills natural fruit essences into both the oil and capsule. The company offers over 20 different fish oil products and EFA blends for the whole family, including liquids, capsules and children's chewables. For more information, please visit www.nordicnaturals.com or call toll-free at 800.662.2544. To access current research on fish oils, please go to www.omega-research.com.


Shari Hindman /Integral Marketing
[email protected]

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