Healing the Earth, Healing Ourselves' 'Mountain Herb Festival' Returns August 26-28th

"Healing the Earth, Healing Ourselves" "Mountain Herb Festival" is back for its fourth year.

It has been billed as one of the most unique festival in the Appalachian area of Kentucky for 2004, because it is put on by people who have little in luxuries but they are trying to do something for the environment and others.

The event is held on a full moon with creeks and lake all around. For those who enjoy pristine wilderness settings way back on 3 miles of gravel roads with a singing creek by your campsite; this is where you need to be.

The unique "Healing the Earth, Healing Ourselves", Mountain Herb Festival --Come see what all the talk is about Aug. 26-28, 2004.

Entry is $3. for adults, and children free. All workshops are free.

Alternative healers, environmental lovers of Mother Earth and diverse multicultural experts of Appalachian Life (including American Indian) from all over the country. Savor exotic herbal, vegetarian, and Appalachian food, see, dance, come alive, enjoy stories that will intrigue you, learn skills of the mountains and listen to music that will make you reflect on the generations past and to come. All guests are encouraged to bring their own genealogy for the giant "Entangled Roots Reunion".

Learn how to make soap, herbal medicine, wine, make a basket, grow and preserve herbs, grow and use ginseng and other mountain herbs, make solar panels, live off the grid, living green, research your family genealogy, hands-on children's projects and much, much, more.

Whip up your appetite for some unique festival cuisine! It will be hard to decide, since choices include green fried tomatoes, stinging nettle soup, in the Appalachian section and in black sweet rice pudding with organic pear and wild ginger sauce, pasta with chicken mushrooms (a local mushroom from local hills), vege- burgers with whole wheat buns, and again much, more!

An Herb, Alternative Healing, Environmental, Mother Earth, Appalachian and Life Giving Health Foods and Arts and Crafts Festival.

Mountain Herb Festival will bring together leading herb lovers,environmental classes and alternative healers from throughout the country and locally to sharetheir knowledge of the Earth, plants and natural healing methods as well as healing the earth classes.

(Southeastern Kentucky)
Confluence, Ky. Leslie County
Event Contacts:
Linda Heller: 606-672-6444
Email: [email protected]
Website link for more info:

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