Health Canada approves new natural product with EpiCor

Health Canada approves new natural product with EpiCor

Health Canada evaluated many quality scientific studies to confirm that EpiCor provides clear cold and flu benefits without safety concerns.

Embria Health Sciences and Praxis Nutri-Pharma announced that Health Canada has formally approved a new natural health product containing the immune health ingredient EpiCor® for the Canadian market. This accreditation, known as Natural Product Number (NPN), gives Canada’s natural health product manufacturers and marketers an opportunity to provide Canada's consumers a safe and efficacious way to reduce the incidence of cold and flu symptoms.

The decision by Health Canada was made after it had evaluated the significant number of quality scientific studies to confirm that EpiCor provides clear benefits without the safety concerns caused by other ingredients currently available.

According to Consumer Health Products Canada's website, “Before any natural health product can be sold in Canada, it must first undergo a pre-market review where it will be assessed for safety, efficacy, and quality. Products, which meet the required criteria, will be authorized for sale and issued a Natural Product Number (NPN) or Homeopathic Medicine Number (DIN-HM). Further information on this process is available in the Product Licensing Guidance Document.”

The approved claim for products containing 500 mg EpiCor is, “Helps reduce incidence of cold and flu symptoms.” The significance of this claim is that EpiCor’s research was reviewed using pharmaceutical guidelines and no disclaimers limiting benefits to certain populations are implied.

“We believed that the cold and flu market in Canada needed something new and innovative, and EpiCor delivers that with very few warnings and cautions that are found on other products," said Alex Azoulay, president of Praxis Nutri-Pharma. “Now we can offer EpiCor to new or existing customers.”

“This is a significant accomplishment for EpiCor since Health Canada’s process for confirming health claims is perhaps one of the most comprehensive in the world,” said Paul Faganel, Embria Health Sciences president. “Recently, we’ve seen other immune products have issues with U.S. regulators and we are very pleased Health Canada confirmed EpiCor’s research is second to none by allowing the Praxis product to use such strong claims. The NPN for EpiCor in Canada complements the NDI that EpiCor has on file with the FDA in the United States.”


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