Health Canada grants fish oils approval

Norwegian supplier Denomega Nutritional Oils has joined the likes of Maryland-based Martek Biosciences Corporation and Ocean Nutrition Canada (ONC) in winning Health Canada approval for proprietary fish oils to be used in a wide variety of foods. Denomega's ingredient, called Denomega 100, is said to be taste- and odour-free and can be used in dosages of up to 100mg of combined DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) per food serving.

"The formal approval is important for our prospective customers in Canada," said Denomega chief executive officer Thomas Grys. "Denomega 100 ingredients are already in use in over 50 commercial food products around the world and offer the market a taste-free, safe and cost-effective solution to add these healthy nutrients to people's diet without impacting taste."

The Health Canada approval also permits Denomega 100 to be sold in microencapsulated versions of the oil. "This enables usage in Canadian food products that has never been possible to fortify with DHA and EPA omega-3 before, particularly shelf stable solutions requiring more than six months shelf life", added Jan Haakonsen, VP Sales and Marketing.

Martek's 'life's DHA' gained Health Canada approval for use in most foods in late 2006, following infant formula approval in 2002, while ONC had its permissible dosage increased from 50 to 100 mg in June 2006, after receiving Health Canada approval in 2003.

Suppliers such as Norwegian firms, EPAX and Nordic Naturals have also lodged applications for market approval under the Health Products Act, which offers a potentially quicker route to market if a straightforward monograph can be presented to the assessment authority.

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