Health Claims Conference Extends Early Bird Rate

The European Health Claims Alliance has extended its early bird rate for the health claims conference in Brussels until the end of July.

The conference entitled “ In Search for Solutions: A Stakeholder’s dialogue on Article 13 Health Claims”, is due to be held in Brussels on the 30 September, and is the first high level conference of the European Health Claims Alliance, an Alliance of individual companies that are concerned about the current approach to the Article 13 of the EU’s claims Regulation.

The early bird rate for the conference had originally been set for the 21 July, but has now been extended to the 30 July, due to a high number of companies wishing to attend the conference – and in particular SMEs – whom are eager to understand the implications of the current approach to the Regulation on their business.

The conference will gather experts and policy makers from all over Europe and provide a unique opportunity for a constructive dialogue and open debate with companies, academics and consumers to address those issues that are being that are paramount to the stakeholders.

Speakers from the European institutions, national authorities, academics, consumers and industry will cover the following:

– Where we stand with the EU's Claims Regulation;

– Consumer understanding of health claims;

– The scientific evaluation of Article 13 claims and alternative approaches;

– Views on how to promote competition, innovation and R&D given the developments with Article 13;

– National authorities views on enforcement issues and solutions they envisage;

In addition, the results of the independent economic impact assessment that has been commissioned by EHCA, which is intended to demonstrate the potential devastating impact of the current approach to the Regulation on the sector will be presented at the conference for the first time.

More than 250 industry participants are expected to attend the conference and, the conference promises to be the most significant yet held in this critical area.

For further information or to register for the conference, please visit the website: or contact the organizers directly at [email protected]

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