'Health Law & Politics' to Discuss H.R. 4282 - Health Freedom Protection Act

Washington, D.C.— “Health Law and Politics” radio talk show host Jonathan Emord announced today that the topic for his January 21, 2006 show will be concerning H.R. 4282, the Health Freedom Protection Act. Guests will include Congressman Ron Paul, original co-sponsor of H.R. 4282; Kent Snyder of the Liberty Committee; Dr. Charles B. Simone, oncologist and immunologist; and the Rev. James E. Orange, founder of the M L King March/Africa/African American Renaissance.

Emord, the only attorney in history who has defeated the Food and Drug Administration in federal court on six separate occasions, documents on his show instances of FDA and FTC abuse of power that sacrifice life or liberty. He interviews experts in the fields of health and medicine, litigants in cases against the FDA and the FTC, members of Congress and other government decisionmakers, and victims of FDA denial of access to medical treatment or health information. He also provides his own expert commentary on the legal and health implications of the government’s actions.

“We reveal the cost in human life, health, and liberty of political decisions that protect drug companies from competition at the expense of consumers,” Emord said. “We show how FDA and FTC fail to follow the rule of law, harm those they were designed to help, and ignore the will of Congress, the Courts, and the American people,” he said.

The inaugural January 14 program discussed the FDA’s ban on ephedra, the agency’s unlawful maintenance of that ban in the face of a federal court order holding the ban unlawful, the scientific evidence on the safety and efficacy of low dose ephedra, and the effect on obesity in consumers denied access to the product for weight loss. Featured guests included Arne Astrup, M.D.; scientists Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw; and the President of Nutraceutical Corporation (the party that won the ephedra case) Bruce Hough.

The program airs every Saturday from 4PM to 6PM Eastern via radio stations nationwide and via web radio over the Talk Star Radio Network (www.talkstarradio.com).

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