Health Science Solutions Secures Central and South American Distribution

June 2, 2004 Hollywood, Florida. All Natural FMG, Inc., d/b/a Health Science Solutions, has contracted with AMA Pharmaceuticals, Inc, for exclusive distribution into Central and South America.

Health Science Solutions is a biotechnology company developing a TTS [through-the-skin] dermal delivery system. Patent-pending ViaDerm FMG tm (a/k/a 'Skin-Dive System tm') allows bioceutical, veterinary and cosmetic manufacturers to offer biologically-active compounds and standardized herbal concentrates with unparalleled absorption, compliance, and reduced amounts.

AMA Pharmaceuticals consolidates its prestige for over 30 years by leading the distribution of natural products and medicines throughout the United states, Latin America, and the Middle East. AMA also holds the exclusive distribution of many prestigious American companies. AMA Pharmaceuticals will secure proper regulatory approvals in Colombia for Health Science Solutions, then branch out to all of Central and South America.

An off-label use for the NSAID roll-on for the world's first topical sinus decongestant is awaiting approval for an unique FDA NDC number.

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