Health Strategy Consulting Announces the Health Strategy Network Conference Series

Providence, RI, December 18, 2002 – Health Strategy Consulting (HSC) of Providence, RI, the leading strategy and content consulting group in the nutrition and natural products industry, announces the launch of the Health Strategy Network Conference Series. HSC will host the Conference Series, which will be held in various locations around the world as a means of providing a unique learning and networking platform for industry professionals in key strategic roles.

The first in the global series will be held February 20-22, 2003 at the Blue Mountain Resort outside of Toronto, Canada. The second in the series is planned for mid-summer 2003 in Sydney, Australia; and the third for fall 2003 in Tokyo, Japan. Attendees can expect to gain insider perspective through a series of relevant, detailed industry case studies.

The Conference Series will be co-sponsored by NPIcenter, the #1 business-to-business Internet site in the nutritional products industry; and IMAGINutrition, Inc., a nutritional innovation and technology think tank. More sponsorship opportunities will be available at various levels. For more information and details as they develop, visit

“These conferences promise to deliver the kind of insight that is critical to strategic decision makers, delivered in a format unique to our industry,” said Tom Clough, managing director of HSC. “We’re doing a few unique things here. We’re creating a global learning connection, the events will be all-inclusive to ensure that our time together is maximized, and we’re using facilitated business case discussions to drive our content versus standard lectures. Group discussions will be around business cases in the areas of retail, branded marketing, and ingredient manufacturing. Together, we’ll challenge the issues that face companies in these areas of the value chain as they compete in global markets. The critical component is that we will create the opportunity to study a specific case in detail, then use our diverse knowledge, backgrounds and perspectives to collectively formulate new ideas and alternative solutions.

“We envision the conference series as a perfect opportunity for peers to network and share learning to further develop the nutrition and natural products industry,” said Len Monheit, President and CEO of NPIcenter. “Making the series international addresses both the business opportunities and the global challenges and issues. We are especially thrilled to kick off the series in Canada.”

Anthony L. Almada, MSc, President and CSO of IMAGINutrition added, “This series is exciting because we can customize the conference format in each region. For instance, we can offer exclusive intelligence and insight into areas such as innovative technologies for licensing and acquisition, on a country-by-country basis. It is a well-designed means of exchanging global knowledge assets.”

The series with be launched with the North American event scheduled to take place February 20-22, 2003 at the majestic Blue Mountain Ski Resort, north of Toronto. The site is beautiful, convenient and cost effective. The event will include pertinent case study group discussions (specifics to be announced), along with plenty of networking opportunities, including downhill skiing, a snowmobiling excursion, dinners and cocktail events. Significant others are welcome.

About Health Strategy Consulting (HSC):
HSC is comprised of a group of professionals with expertise in research, development and implementation of health-based strategies for nutrition, food and pharmaceutical companies. With global knowledge ranging from technology development and ingredient manufacturing to licensing and retailing, the firm provides customized consulting services including strategic development and implementation, market overviews and research, partnering, and specialized industry reporting and workshops. In August 2002, Health Strategy Consulting changed its name from Health Business Partners Consulting (HBP Consulting) to better reflect its service offering. For more information including sample projects and our global experience, visit

About NPIcenter:
Operating since 1998, NPIcenter offers on-line programs and resources for nutritional product business decision makers around the world. The site ( features over 13,000 companies in over 3,000 categories, thousands of documents and articles, a Career Center, discussion forums, weekly e-newsletter, company profiles and more. The company’s push to provide timely news and company information to a global audience has made it the ‘go-to’ location on the Internet for information on the nutritional products industry. Additional information can be found at or by calling 877-463-0110.

About IMAGINutrition:
IMAGINutrition is a science and intellectual property-focused think tank, engaged in the creation, clinical research, development, transfer, and demand creation of natural products in the categories of dietary supplements, foods and beverages, medical foods, and cosmeceuticals. Collectively, the think tank enjoys over 150 years of industry experience, complemented by rich academic and private research alliances. The company’s website is


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