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HealthFocus International® Appoints Vice President for Research and Analysis

ST. PETERSBURG, JULY 20, 2005 -- HealthFocus International® today announced that it has appointed Rohit Vaidya to serve as Vice President for Research and Analysis.

Mr. Vaidya is a veteran of the market research industry with more than twenty years experience both domestically and internationally. Formerly a senior executive with Opinion Dynamics and then NFO, he has conducted research and provided market intelligence and consultation for Pfizer, Aventis, Royal Ahold, JP Morgan, Visa, Disney, among other well-known companies.

His appointment will further strengthen HealthFocus International’s (HFI) capabilities in providing clients with robust and reliable market insights and data on consumer health and nutrition choices in the USA and globally. His experience with managing both syndicated and custom research studies globally expands HFI’s capabilities and strengthens HFI’s resources.

"Health and wellness has become a fundamental part of consumer marketing strategies today. In order to be competitive, companies need more than information, they need a deep understanding of consumer values, motivations, and attitudes,” said HFI President Linda Gilbert. “Mr. Vaidya’s keen ability to turn data and knowledge into insight and understanding, coupled with HFI’s capabilities and experience, sets HFI apart in providing solid market research and consumer insights to our clients,” said Ms. Gilbert.

"It's a pleasure to join the HealthFocus International organization and contribute to the success of our client’s products and communications,” said Mr. Rohit. "Companies with a true grasp of consumer health trends have a competitive advantage in today's marketplace, and I look forward to helping our clients gain this advantage for themselves."

About HealthFocus International:

HealthFocus International (HFI) specializes in consumer trends and marketing opportunities for healthy food, beverage and supplement products. With twenty years of experience working with the most successful brand marketers and business leaders, HFI has conducted thousands of studies for domestic and international clients. HFI draws upon the full spectrum of research modalities including focus groups, surveys, interviews, modeling techniques, and traditional and proprietary analytic tools to help companies understand consumer attitudes and behavior toward health and nutrition choices.

HealthFocus International offers full service marketing research capabilities together with marketing consulting services for better research and better consumer marketing. Activities include syndicated and custom market research, marketing strategies, marketing communications, new business development, trend assessment, and more. HFI conducts the longest running consumer health and nutrition trend survey in the USA and the first global trend survey in more than 30 countries.

Headquartered in St. Petersburg Florida, HealthFocus International® also has offices in Des Plaines Illinois and in Sweden. HealthFocus International® is a division of Irwin Broh & Associates. For more information, visit

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