Healthnotes Launches Healthnotes Connect(TM) to Serve as Healthy Living Marketing and Merchandising Solution for Retailers

PORTLAND, Ore., Feb 27, 2006 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Healthnotes Inc. today announced the release of Healthnotes Connect(TM), a comprehensive in-store merchandising and marketing solution designed to be the hub of the healthy living marketplace for supermarkets, pharmacies and health food stores. Building on 15 years' experience educating consumers with science-based health, wellness and organics information, Healthnotes Connect influences consumer behavior by delivering department-specific, fully integrated health, food and lifestyle information throughout the store.

With an engaging new interface that features custom retailer branding, Healthnotes Connect drives sales of high-margin products by enabling retailers to deliver targeted, contextually integrated advertising and coupons and by seamlessly integrating retailers' promotional calendars with sponsored and seasonal content and offers.

A recent Food Marketing Institute study (Food Retailing Industry Speaks 2005) revealed that to differentiate themselves companies are pursuing solutions that include a greater emphasis on consumer wellness and health (65.1%) and seasonal offerings (90.7%). Coupled with increased focus on self-care and self-service, this demonstrates an opportunity to develop a true healthy living marketplace with the information and suggestive selling required to grow sales.

"As the global population continues to focus on wellness and organics and as individuals take control of their own health, retailers have an opportunity to capitalize on these trends," stated Dr. Schuyler Lininger, President and CEO, Healthnotes Inc. "Through our touchscreen kiosks and retail Web initiatives we're providing surround-sound marketing for retailers while empowering consumers with the most comprehensive and up-to-date healthy living program."

Healthnotes Connect gives retailers a turnkey merchandising and marketing program scalable to the largest organizations. Healthnotes manages all the details -- including hassle-free remotely managed kiosks, Web-based training, a comprehensive in-store success program, and automatic content updates to seasonal healthy living features, such as immune-system protection in the winter, allergy control in the spring and tips to stay trim in the summer.

"Healthnotes has been an important resource for our customers for years," said Nancy Moon-Eilers, Vice President of Nutrition for Fred Meyer. "Now with Healthnotes Connect, we can provide our shoppers with a central location for their wellness questions and help them make an easy connection between their pressing health matters and related products in the store, which is a win-win situation."

Note: Retailers are gaining significant return on investment from Healthnotes. A recent independent study revealed that 40% of shoppers who used the kiosks made a purchase based on what they learned, driving a five-month payback and three-year ROI of nearly 700%. Details of the study are available at

Pricing and Availability
Healthnotes Connect is available to customers in early March 2006. Pricing is based on the number of stores requiring kiosks, number of kiosks per store and included features. Kiosk hardware, including the EasyAnswers Touchscreen family of kiosks, is available through Healthnotes at an additional charge.

About Healthnotes Inc.
Healthnotes Inc. was founded in 1989 on the premise that informed consumers become loyal customers. Healthnotes Connect(TM) delivers health and wellness product information, lifestyle articles, and targeted advertising and promotions to consumers via interactive touchscreen kiosks and retail Web initiatives.

Currently serving thousands of retail locations and Web sites worldwide, including six of the top seven U.S. grocery retailers, Healthnotes Connect empowers consumers to make educated decisions and drives product sales -- in-store and online. For more information, visit us at

HEALTHNOTES is a registered trademark of Healthnotes Inc.

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