Healthnotes Version 7.5 Provides Retailers with a Powerful Customer Service and Sales Tool

The interactive health and lifestyle software now includes a Category Management Report and department-specific applications to drive sales storewide

PORTLAND, Ore.-September 4, 2002-Healthnotes, Inc. (HNI), the premier provider of credible, easy-to-use health and lifestyle information, today announced the release of Version 7.5 of the Healthnotes® suite of applications for retail touchscreen kiosks. The release includes new and expanded content, as well as new tools retailers can use to improve customer service, build loyalty, and increase sales.

"Studies have shown that consumers want more health and lifestyle information available to them in-store to help them make informed purchase decisions," stated Schuyler Lininger, HNI president and CEO. "Healthnotes Version 7.5 is the most comprehensive collection of science-based health and lifestyle information available for shoppers in every department-pharmacy, produce, meat and seafood, general grocery, and whole health."

Category Management Report provides valuable insight into shoppers' needs

New to Version 7.5, the Healthnotes Category Management Report is designed to give retailers in-depth information on their shoppers' specific interests and product needs. The system tracks customer usage and then creates a report outlining the most popular topic areas and products queried. Category managers and marketing departments can use this information to better understand their shoppers' needs, more effectively merchandise products, and run targeted promotions.

"In this increasingly competitive retail market, stores are continually striving to find ways to better understand their shoppers' needs and build loyalty," continued Lininger. "Healthnotes is proud to provide retailers with a storewide sales solution that also works as a merchandising tool, identifying their shoppers' interests beyond purchase behavior."

Department-specific applications offer targeted information at the point of decision

The Healthnotes suite now includes five department-specific applications with tailored customer-facing screens. Each application has touch points (buttons) customized to the department, but includes access to the entire suite of information. The retailer can choose to display the Healthnotes suite, or choose the application suitable to the location of the touchscreen in-store. This allows larger retailers to place multiple kiosks in their stores and have each department offer "content in context" with a consistent user experience.

Department-specific applications:

  • Healthnotes Pharmacy-includes Health Centers, such as Diabetes, and direct access to Safetychecker, a summary of more than 10,500 drug-vitamin-herb interactions and depletions
  • Healthnotes Natural Options-for natural products and whole health areas
  • Foodnotes®-for general grocery
  • Meat & Seafood
  • Fresh Produce

Version 7.5 also includes more than 100 new and updated articles, enhanced usability, and a new search feature that allows shoppers to find recipes by main ingredient. For multi-channel customer service initiatives, the Healthnotes suite of applications is also available for integration on retailers' Web sites.

Pricing and Availability

The new Version 7.5 Healthnotes suite of applications is now available in the U.S. Pricing varies depending on the quantity of content subscriptions purchased. Kiosk hardware is also available through HNI at an additional charge. Please contact Healthnotes at 1-800-659-7630 for more information or for a price quote.

About Healthnotes, Inc.

Healthnotes, Inc. (HNI) is the premier provider of credible, easy-to-use health and lifestyle information for in-store touchscreen kiosk, Internet, and multi-channel initiatives. The Healthnotes® suite of applications provides consumers with practical, comprehensive information at the point of decision-online and in-store. More than 6,500 supermarkets, pharmacies, and natural product stores in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom use Healthnotes retail applications and Web content to educate customers, support staff, build loyalty, and increase sales. Healthnotes also generates behind-the-counter applications that are licensed to Internet sites worldwide. For more information, visit

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