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The Healthy Foundation (THF) sends out RFP to Acedemics and Clinical Researchers

The Healthy Foundation (THF)

The Healthy Foundation (THF) is a non-profit organization committed to providing at-risk populations with basic nutrients through supplementation. Under a national initiative named Vitamin Relief USA™, THF distributes daily multi-vitamin/mineral tablets to thousands of adults and children at risk for nutritional deficiencies in over 35 states and at more than 100 sites. One of THF’s goals is to advance high-quality research on the efficacy of nutritional supplementation for those at risk for nutritional deficiency.

Through the U.S. Department of Education – Fund for the Improvement of Education (FIE), the Congress has awarded THF an earmarked federal appropriation, which mandates THF to study the impact of vitamin intake and the school performance of at-risk children. Better Student Research Initiative™ (BSRI) is THF’s planned response to this appropriation. Its objective is to measure improvement in the academic performance, general health, and behavior of several thousand at-risk public school children given low-dose vitamin-mineral supplementation.


Request for Proposals (RFP) are solicited from academic and clinical researchers who are interested in investigating the impact of daily vitamin and mineral intake on the academic performance, general health and behavior of “at-risk” children.

Application Process and Timeline

May 15, 2002 E-mailed letters of intent due to foundation by 5 PM PST
May 18, 2002 Mailed letters of intent due to foundation by 5 PM PST
July 6, 2002 Proposals due at foundation by 5 PM PST
August 15, 2002 Award announced

Selection Criteria

Proposals should not exceed 25 pages. (Addendums and references do not count toward page limit.)

Proposals will be evaluated on (1) demonstration of contextual understanding and knowledge of current literature in the area of nutritional support of ‘at-risk’ populations, particularly children, (2) clear definition of “at-risk” populations to be used by investigators, (3) clarity of chosen approach to investigation of the research aims of the sponsor within context given above, (4) innovation of the research design proposed including use of placebo control, (5) clarity of research aims and generation of testable hypotheses, (6) feasibility and soundness of the implementation plan for the research design, (7) inclusion of and justification of sample size, (8) attention to ability to generalize findings, (9) qualifications and experience of the investigators, (10) environment of the investigators, i.e., institutional or corporate support for completion of the project, (11) demonstration of most efficient timeline for data collection, data management, and analysis period, and (12) inclusion of clear research progress markers which can be used to substantiate intermediate funding requests through a contractual mechanism. Preference will be given to (1) investigators whose population pools include Black, White and Hispanic ‘at-risk’ children and (2) those investigators who recruit from the states of New Jersey and Iowa.


The funds will be disbursed as a contract to the investigator whose proposal is chosen. A Research Oversight Committee has been organized which will advise The Healthy Foundation’s Executive Director and Board of Directors on proposal selection and will serve as an oversight committee for the study. Currently, there is an expectation for only one award to be made.

Budgets should be submitted with proposals and must include the following: (1) Name of investigators; others and their role on project, (2) % of effort for investigators/others, (3) costs of consultants should this category apply and time covered by this cost, (4) incentives (if any) for participant compliance, (5) supplies itemized by category, (6) travel costs, (7) other expenses, and (8) indirects. A budget justification should be offered for each item. Total funding, including indirects is at a level of $400,000. Indirects are expected to be at a level of 10% or less. The initial award period will be for 1 year with a no cost extension possible. The sponsor strictly forbids construction costs and subgranting.

Submission Requirements and Address

1) Electronic copies of letters of intent or proposals are acceptable. Please use Microsoft compatible format for documents.
[email protected]

2) Surface Mail:
The Healthy Foundation
24977 Washington Ave., STE. H
P.O. Box 888
Murrieta, CA 92564-0888

3) Faxed copies of proposals are not acceptable. However, letters of intent may be sent to the following fax number:

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