Heel's Sinusin back on U.S. market

Heel's Sinusin back on U.S. market

The German-made sinus relief nasal spray ran into import delays, causing inventory depletion, but is now available in natural products stores and doctors' offices nationwide.

Heel, the maker of Traumeel, announces Sinusin, the leading homeopathic sinus relief nasal spray, is now back in the United States and available at fine health food stores and doctors’ offices across the nation.

This is the latest flu season in nearly three decades, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC). So the availability of this natural medicine for the temporary relief of nasal congestion and sinus symptoms is welcome news for health-conscious Americans.

“Sinus congestion may be caused by colds or the flu, or it may be due to general increased nasal fluid production that is seen when nasal allergens are breathed in,” said Dr. Kristy Anderson, Heel’s medical advisor. “Sinusin may be used to help clear the sinuses of the excess fluid and thereby not allowing inflammation and sinusitis to set in and create further complications in the upper respiratory passages,” Anderson added.

Sinusin is a safe solution with fewer side effects than common over-the-counter nasal sprays. Made exclusively in Germany, this sinus relief nasal spray ran into import delays causing inventory depletion.

Sinusin is still the same great natural combination homeopathic formula used by thousands of Americans like Marisa of Ithaca, New York who said, “I began using Sinusinback when it was Euphorbium for allergy related issues. I still use it for that now, but find it very effective to relieve my symptoms when I have a cold. Recently, I acquired a pretty unpleasant cold (not that they're ever pleasant!) that did not seem to move on. I was out of Sinusinand I tried other homeopathic nasal sprays made by other companies, but the formulas just didn't give me the relief or help in healing like your nasal spray does.” Marisa added, “I highly recommend it. My mom who is 87 years old said she uses it for her sinusitis brought on by allergies because it helps her and she doesn't get the nosebleeds that often occur with the prescription nasal spray her doctor gave her.”


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