Heintzman Farms Receives Endorsement from the Center for Advancement in Cancer Education

ONAKA, S.D. -- September 18, 2002 -- Heintzman Farms, producer of Dakota Flax Gold flaxseed and flaxseed products, has received the endorsement of the Center for Advancement in Cancer Education. This endorsement comes on the heels of the several medical studies using flaxseed to help control specific cancers.

Recent research suggests that flaxseed may have myriad health benefits including positive effects on hormone-related cancerous tumors. Two flaxseed components may be responsible for this action: omega-3 fatty acids (flaxseed is the richest plant source), and antioxidant plant hormones called lignans. With 100 times more than any other plant, flaxseed is the richest source of lignans.

Researchers first observed flaxseed's anti-cancer properties in both animals and humans. One study showed that rats fed a diet supplemented with flaxseed produced fewer and smaller tumors when exposed to cancer-inducing agents. In a University of Toronto study completed in December 2000, flaxseed-enriched muffins were as effective as pre-surgery tamoxifen at reducing the proliferation of estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer cells. In a Duke University study in 2001, flaxseed supplementation was used preoperatively to slow the growth of prostate cancers.

Lignans are found in the seed's hull. According to research from Optimal Labs, lignans are not present in high quantities in flaxseed oil, even so-called "high-lignan" oils. To get the benefit of flaxseed lignans, whole flaxseed is recommended.

About Heintzman Farms:

Heintzman's golden flaxseed is direct-marketed under the trademarked "Dakota Flax Gold" label to consumers, medical clinics, hospitals and health food stores.

Heintzman Farms produces golden flaxseed, "Jet Caps" flaxseed supplement capsules, whole-flaxseed snack bars called "Bite Me! Bars," and "Fairy Flax" flaxseed snack packets. With a milder flavor, golden flaxseed has the same or greater nutritive benefit in comparison with brown flaxseed. For more information, including purchasing online, go to www.heintzmanfarms.com .

About the Center for Advancement in Cancer Education:

The Center for Advancement in Cancer Education is a non-profit cancer information, counseling and referral agency specializing in nutritional, immunological and psychological support for cancer prevention and control. It sponsors educational programs for both lay and professional groups, and has served thousands of persons in the United States and abroad.

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