Heisman Trophy Runner-Up Larry Fitzgerald to Endorse Myoplex(R) Brand Sports Nutrition Supplements

Number Three Draft Pick and New Arizona Cardinal Signs Deal to Endorse EAS and the Myoplex Line

GOLDEN, Colo., April 26-- Citing his off-field workout habits, finely tuned physique and limitless on-field potential, Golden, Colo.- based sports nutrition supplement maker EAS announced today that it has signed an endorsement deal with Larry Fitzgerald.

Fitzgerald will join future Hall of Fame tight end Shannon Sharpe as a spokesperson for Myoplex(R), a line of nutritional supplements that provides athletes with the combination of protein, carbohydrates and nutrients they need to improve their athletic performance. In addition to possible appearances in radio and print advertisements, Fitzgerald will make public appearances and conduct media interviews on the importance of proper nutrition and the benefits of EAS and Myoplex products.

EAS pursued Fitzgerald based on both his on-field excellence and his off- field dedication. In his short college career, Fitzgerald earned notoriety not only for his on-field performance, but also for his dedication in the gym and discipline at the training table. At only 21 years old, Fitzgerald already cuts a figure that is on par with the NFL's elite players.

"The fact that he caught touchdown passes in 18 consecutive games tells you something important about Larry: he never takes a day off," said Heather Fitzgerald, marketing director for EAS. "His dedication in the gym and on the practice field is part of the reason for his on-field success. Larry Fitzgerald is a perfect example of how hard work, attention to diet and regular use of nutrition supplements like Myoplex can turn great athletes into great players."

Myoplex products are specially designed to give athletes like Fitzgerald the complete nutrition they need to improve their bodies and their athletic performance. Myoplex products include ready-to-drink beverages, powders and bars, such as Myoplex(R) Sport and Myoplex(R) Deluxe. While each product differs in makeup, all Myoplex products contain balanced protein and carbohydrates along with healthy doses of the vitamins and nutrients athletes need to train at their best.

Myoplex products are available at health clubs and specialty stores, such as GNC, throughout the country. Consumers can also purchase products online by visiting www.eas.com .


EAS is a leading marketer of products that provide complete nutrition to anyone wanting to improve his or her health and fitness -- from elite athletes to health-conscious consumers. EAS educates and inspires its customers to live a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle through exercise and science-based nutrition products. EAS product lines include EAS Myoplex, EAS HP and the EAS AdvantEdge(R) lines. For more information on EAS, visit www.eas.com .

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