Helios and Sunbio publish study in the Journal of Phytotherapy Research

Helios and Sunbio publish study in the Journal of Phytotherapy Research

The human clinical trial evaluated the botanical ingredient EstroG-100's ability to treat pre-, peri-, and post-menopause.

Helios Corporation and its business partner, Sunbio Corporation recently published its Phase II human clinical study in the Journal of Phytotherapy Research. The clinical data was evaluated by the science panel at P.R. and deemed both acceptable and important to the science community for the treatment of pre-, peri-, and post-menopause. (http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/ptr.3597/abstract)

EstroG-100 is the number one nutritional ingredient in South Korea. As an ingredient, EstroG-100 has been in the USA market for the past 4 years. During this time, Sunbio accumulated multiple awards for the performance, safety and efficacy of EstroG-100 within the menopausal category. EstroG-100 received a letter of no objection from the United States FDA in 2010, along with a Health Canada Product License Number in 2011 that confirms 10 end point claims based on their review and evaluation of the Phase II human clinical study 

Utilizing the Kupperman Index study model for menopause in the 2010 Phase II human clinical study EstroG-100 showed significant improvement in 9 of 11 end points, along with an additional significant improvement in vaginal dryness. Also, hGH levels increased by 100%, which can be directly attributed to improvements in energy level, skin moisture and tone. Other botanical choices only demonstrate improvements in 2-3 end points utilizing the Kupperman study model.

EstroG-100 is the only botanical ingredient that promises and can prove in 5 toxicity studies safety with no risk of cancer or liver toxicity. Also- most botanicals take 4-6 week to show improvements in menopausal symptoms where as EstroG-100 consistently improved multiple symptoms within 1-2 weeks. EstroG-100 is the most important next generation ingredient for woman experiencing pre-, peri-, and post-menopause.

About Helios CORP and Sunbio:

Helios CORP and Sunbio are privately owned global companies that translate nutritional ideas, cultural remedies and science into ingredients, the commercial applications of which benefit nutrition and food manufacturers as well as consumers. Claims and representations are based on the information, data, clinical studies and remedies provided by our partners in science and manufacturing.


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