Helios CORP, KGK to present Diabetinol at Expo West

Helios CORP, KGK to present Diabetinol at Expo West

Helios CORP and KGK will be presenting Diabetinol at Expo West.

Helios CORP and KGK will be presenting DiabetinolTM at Expo West. You can meet chief scientist, Dr. Mal Evans, to discuss Phase I and Phase II clinical studies. Diabetinol recently completed Phase II clinical's and showed significant improvement in the glucose and insulin profiles, while improving glace controls. Diabetinol is one of the very few natural ingredients managing Glucose Intolerance with Phase I and Phase II clinical's, while maintaining a natural claim profile. Mr. Jeffers did share "Proof of Performance is critical in this current regulatory environment. A natural claim is even better."

About Helios CORP

Helios Corp. is a privately owned and global company that develops nutritional ideas, science, and cultural remedies that can be translated into commercial applications for the benefit of manufacturers and consumers. Claims and representations are based on the information, data, clinical studies, and remedies as provided by our science and manufacturing partners. Helios CORP. branded ingredients maintains human clinical studies to validate efficacy, safety, and performance.

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