Herb, Spice and Natural Health Product Industry Leaders Gather In Guelph

The Canadian Herb & Spice National Coalition is holding the first National Herb, Spice and Natural Health Products Conference and trade show, " From Grass Roots to Global Enterprise; The Canadian Herb and Spice Industry Comes of Age!

This premier herb, spice and natural health products conference will be held at the University of Guelph Feb 17and 19, 2004 the trade show on Feb 18th, 2004 is hosted by the National Herb and Spice Coalition. The National Coalition was formed to address the common needs of the Canadian herb, spice and natural health industry across Canada. Membership represents 10 provinces and the Yukon territory.

" We have worked closely with the Natural Health Products Directorate in the development of new Natural Heatlh Products Industry and are working on a HACCP based good agriculture system for herb & spice production in Canada, which will include a comprehensive international plant identification practice " Says Connie Kehler, Executive Director of the National Herb and Spice Coalition. "This Conference will be informative for anyone in Canada who is or wants to manufacture or grow herbal products in Canada. It also will be a great networking forum for growers and processors of spices and culinary herbs "

Organizers hope staging a conference of this magnitude will help to bring the Canadian herb, spice and natural health products industry into the 21st century, united and strong.

"With all of the new Federal Government regulations for this Industry sector we all need to be on the same page to be competitive at home and in the global marketplace," says Kehler

The Natural Health Products Directorate will be offering a full day of workshops at the conference for manufactures of natural health products in Canada.

This industry conference will help connect this industry from the field to the shelf with speakers from Canada, the US, Japan and Italy.

SHSA, the voice for the National Herb and Spice Coalition,also hosted the first International Herb Conference and Festival in Saskatchewan in 2000 an event where new ness relationships that were developed are still expanding today.

For full agenda and information:
Connie Kehler
Executive Director Saskatchewan Herb and Spice Association
Voice for the National Coalition of the Herb and Spice Industry
shsa@imagewireless.ca www.saskherbspice.org
Tel : 306-694-4622 Fax 306-694-2182

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