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Herbal Destination Unveils First Line of Products

As our “Western” way of life continues to compromise good health, a promising new line of natural, “Eastern” products offers a new path to address major physiological issues like sleep deprivation, stress, immune deficiency, blood sugar imbalances, erectile dysfunction, bone weakness, and heart and muscle health.

Herbal Destination today rolls out its original herbal assortment that harnesses centuries of Indian Ayurvedic wisdom in the form of supplements, oils and creams. Each product is comprised of a unique blend of natural ingredients that benefit the body, mind and soul.

A few years ago, Julie Solomon, Herbal Destination's co-owner and VP of Sales, visited India with company co-founder Sharvani Srinivas, who grew up in India. “I was amazed to learn about a different way of life,” says Ms. Solomon. “The methods people used to treat and prevent sicknesses are fascinating! My first week there, I was introduced to an ancient blend of massage oil that was used to relieve stiffness in muscles. It worked better than anything I’d ever seen! After the long flight I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.”

Stress, pollutants, processed foods and more, all contribute to the accelerating deterioration in health here in the West. It is Herbal Destination’s aim to become a trusted brand; one that passes on firsthand knowledge of the best that the “Eastern” way of life has to offer.

About Herbal Destination

Herbal Destination manufactures a unique line of natural herbal supplements, oils and creams that serve to introduce a new group of people to the powerful benefits of an ancient style of caring for one’s health. Information can be obtained via

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