Herbalist & Alchemist  Announces David Winston’s 2010 Workshops

Herbalist & Alchemist Announces David Winston’s 2010 Workshops

Washington, NJ (February 15, 2010) -- Herbalist & Alchemist announces the 2010 schedule of workshops by David Winston, internationally known lecturer, author, ethno-botanist, and founder of Herbalist & Alchemist. All workshops can be attended in person at the Herbalist & Alchemist headquarters, 51 South Wandling Avenue, Washington, NJ or via telephone.

Men’s Health Issues: Herbal Treatment for Common Genito-Urinary Problems Thursday, March 18th 10:00AM - 12:30 PM.
It seems that for many men the old saying, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" applies even more to their bodies and health. Much more than women, men avoid going to doctors, resist self-exams and often pretend everything is fine, even when it isn't. Many men are especially reluctant to discuss "plumbing issues" with anyone. This is unfortunate, because many common male genito-urinary problems can be prevented or effectively treated using herbs, diet and supplements. In this class we will discuss what therapies work for BPH, the four types of Prostatiis, Orchitis, Epididymitis and common sense approaches to preventing Prostate cancer.
Medicinal Mushrooms in Clinical Practice
Thursday, May 6th 10:00AM - 12:30 PM

In China and other Asian countries mushrooms are commonly used not only for food but also as medicines. Some Native American and European cultures have also used fungi for their medicinal qualities. In the last 30 years research has confirmed that many of these fascinating life forms (they are not plants or animals) have powerful therapeutic effects for both preventing and treating many diseases. In this class we will discuss the most active and useful medicines in the fungi pharmacopoeia and the best ways to use them to achieve maximum efficacy.

Men’s Health Issues: Herbs & Nutrition for Men’s Sexual Health
Thursday, November 4th 10:00AM - 12:30 PM
These days you cannot miss TV ads for pharmaceuticals: "It's a little embarrassing but... not up for the occasion”? David Winston takes a different approach and discusses how men (and the women who love them) can use herbs and nutrition to address the underlying issues for many of men's sexual health problems. David has been successfully working clinically with men for years. Before popping a pill, consider botanicals and supplements to help treat and prevent problems such as erectile dysfunction, impotence, lack of sexual desire, low sperm count and motility, and orgasmia in men.
The fee for all workshops is $45 onsite; $65 via phone. CDs and lecture notes are available after the event.
David Winston, an internationally known lecturer, author and ethnobotanist, in the founder of Herbalist & Alchemist. For almost 40 years, David has been studying, practicing, teaching and researching Cherokee, Chinese and Western herbal medicine. David’s world-renowned two-year herbal studies program has been educating Herbalists, Physicians, Nurses, Naturopathic Physicians, Veterinarians, and Nutritionists in the art and science of clinical herbal medicine for over 25 years. Herbalist & Alchemist’s products are available through practitioners and fine health food stores nationwide, and through TallGrass, Ltd. in Canada.

For more information please visit www.herbalist-alchemist.com.

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