Herbalist & Alchemist's Expo East Giveaways Include an iPod, Educational Library, Product Baskets

Making a bee line for the Herbalist & Alchemist’s booth at Expo East this year will be at the top of many retailer’s ‘to do’ list, with giveaway’s ranging from a new iPod loaded with lectures by company founder and noted herbalist David Winston, RH (AHG), and daily drawings for Winston’s lecture CD’s and baskets of products. As always with Herbalist & Alchemist, the emphasis is as much on education as on herbal products.

• On Thursday September 24th, David Winston will sign and give away his book Herbal Therapeutics – Specific Indications for Herbs & Herbal Formulas from 2:00 - 3:00 PM. There will be a drawing in the booth for a range of immune support products, including Immune Adapt Capsules, tinctures and tea, plus Winston’s recent CD lecture and supplementary notes.

• On Friday September 25th David Winston will be signing free copies of his brand new educational DVD A Mid-Summer’s Herb Dream from 2:00 - 3:00 PM. Herbalist & Alchemist will have a drawing for an array of the Solid Extracts and Winston’s recent CD lecture and accompanying notes on Healthy Aging.

• On Saturday September 26th at 2:00 PM is the Grand Prize drawing for a new iPod loaded with a complete with educational library of David’s world famous lectures.

New Product introductions at the show include:
• Pomegranate / Gojiberry Solid Extract: Goji berries (Lycium Fruit) and pomegranate are popular sources of antioxidant flavonoids. May be used as jam, a base for tea or straight from the jar.
• Restorative Cleansing Protocol: Herbs and instructions for H&A’s proprietary two-week cleansing program.

For more information please visit www.herbalist-alchemist.com.

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