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HerbDay Sponsors and Participants Build Momentum

(September 5, 2007) — The second annual HerbDay is just weeks away and numerous sponsors and participants are planning an exciting array of events to celebrate herbs and herbalism at sites across America. Reports of events and offers to become involved are pouring in as people and companies register at the event’s website:

Several retailers, large and small, will participate as HerbDay hosts, either on HerbDay itself (Saturday, October 13) or on the days just before and after. For example, Herbs Etc. will host HerbDay activities in their Santa Fe, New Mexico, store and community. Aveda Salons and Spas will participate in communities in many regions. The GNC chain plans a variety of store-based activities and special offers to honor the day.

“GNC certainly knows the health benefits of herbal supplementation when incorporated into a healthy lifestyle,” said Kim Kitko, senior brand director of the herbs category at the company’s Pittsburgh headquarters. “We’re proud to support HerbDay so that more people can enjoy these benefits, too — whether they want to address a certain concern, get the full potency of an herb’s active ingredient, or learn more about the herbs they use regularly.”

Intending to repeat last year’s success the HerbDay Coalition will produce a two-day event at the U.S. Botanic Garden next to the capitol building in Washington, DC. This event on Oct. 12 and 13 will feature more than 40 talks and lectures, and a variety of activities for children and adults (see event details: The U.S. Arboretum, also in Washington, DC, is partnering with the Herb Society of America (HSA) for an event, as are many HSA local chapters.

Consumer magazine Taste for Life will publish a special edition in October that will include a pullout section with carefully researched articles by respected herbalists. As with all special Taste for Life editions, HerbDay 2007 will also be a stand-alone publication with a lengthy shelf time in natural products chains, health food stores, and herb shops nationwide, offering leading manufacturers an excellent opportunity to support consumer education through advertisements.

The entire herbal community is invited to participate actively in HerbDay 2007, either by hosting an event or providing sponsorship in the form of financial support. Now is the time to develop your ideas for HerbDay activities to ensure that every community celebrates the wonders of herbs. Visit to register your event so that your community can join the herbal celebration. The website will be the primary location to organize and disseminate information about HerbDay activities and resources.

Last year, some activities were held before the “official” day, after, all week long, and even throughout the month. Retail stores, botanical gardens, herb farms and parks throughout North America enjoyed broad latitude in making their own plans for lectures and workshops by well-known herbalists; herb walks; in-store cooking demonstrations featuring herbs and spices; seasonal herbal handcrafts; in-store herbal beauty product demonstrations; presentations by herb company representatives; activities with herbal themes for children; and more!

HerbDay is an annual public educational event celebrating the importance of herbs and herbalism through harmonized, independently planned activities that will occur on October 13, 2007, and/or during the days leading up to and following that date.

Five national nonprofit organizations— American Botanical Council (ABC); American Herbalists Guild (AHG); American Herbal Pharmacopoeia (AHP); American Herbal Products Association (AHPA); and United Plant Savers (UpS) — are working together as the HerbDay Coalition to coordinate the website and educational materials.

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