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Hi-Fil® Lutein Achieves GRAS Status

Designation Assures Customers of Safety for Use in Food and Beverages

Florida, NY, August 10, 2006 –Hi-Fil® Lutein products, manufactured by Industrial Organica and distributed exclusively by Pharmline Inc., has attained self-affirmed GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status, through an independent evaluation by an expert panel of scientists. This designation permits the incorporation of Hi-Fil in a variety of foods and beverages.

Industrial Organica (IOSA), a leading manufacturer of a patented line of lutein and zeaxanthin products marketed under the Hi-Fil label, has been producing carotenoids in their cGMP facility since 1966. Sensing a market demand, IOSA conducted a review by an independent panel of scientific experts to determine the feasibility of Hi-Fil Lutein in food and beverage products applications. After comprehensive review, the panel unanimously agreed to award GRAS status, affirming the safety of the ingredient as an additive.

Greg Berthomieu, business development manager at Pharmline Inc. believes the GRAS determination, along with the pre-existing kosher approval of Hi-Fil Lutein products, significantly increases the market for this ingredient. “The aging population concerned with maintaining an active lifestyle has a high level of awareness about the benefits of lutein. The ability to safely add this ingredient and feature it in cereals, energy and sports drinks, energy bars, yogurts and other food and beverages, will drive consumer demand for these products,” said Mr. Berthomieu.

Research has demonstrated the important potential roles of lutein and zeaxanthin in maintaining healthy eyes. Studies suggest that these compounds may reduce the risk of age-related eyesight problems, such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and cataracts.

Pharmline Inc., is the exclusive distributor of Hi-Fil Lutein products. All popular Hi-Fil products are warehoused in Pharmline’s state-of-the-art facility in Florida, NY with quick delivery available only a few days from order date.

Contact: Greg Berthomieu, Ph 845.651.4443,
[email protected]

Pharmline Inc. is a leading global supplier and manufacturer of high-quality nutraceutical and functional food ingredients. Founded in 1986, the company specializes in custom formulations, large capacity blending of liquids, powders and granulations. In addition to these services, Pharmline maintains sales and representation agreements with manufacturers of natural products and fine chemicals in over 18 countries around the world and has business affiliations with: EPAX AS, Norway; Kowa Company LTD., Japan; Burgundy Botanical Extracts, France; and Industrial Organica, Mexico. With over 250 products, including Hi-Fil Lutein, Zeaxanthin, EPAX Omega 3 and Burgundy Grape extracts, Pharmline is committed to providing its customers with the highest level of innovation, technology, research & development and quality assurance. Pharmline Inc. is GMP certified by the Natural Products Association (formerly NNFA). To learn more about Hi-Fil® Lutein, contact Pharmline Inc. at [email protected] or (845) 651-4443.

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