Highly Bio-Active Garlic Available From Futureceuticals

MOMENCE, ILLINOIS— (September 5, 2003)— VDF FutureCeuticals announces the availability of standardized, highly bio-active garlic in a variety of forms. VDF FutureCeuticals offers garlic products that contain the highest levels of total Thiosulfinates, Gamma Glutamyl Cysteines, and total Sulphur available in the market today, important factors for the supplement industry.

Garlic has long been credited with providing numerous health benefits. Studies indicate that garlic may reduce serum cholesterol, may help reduce some of the complications of pregnancy, and may also inhibit the growth of some cancers.

VDF FutureCeuticals “HI Actives” Freeze-Dried Garlic Powders utilize a unique cryogenic freezing and drying process which helps retain all of the allicin and allinase potential of the product. “Hi Actives” Air-Dried Garlic Granules and Powders are available in a wide range of activities.

The “HI-Actives” Organic lines are available both freeze-dried and air-dried and are certified by QAI (Quality Assurance International). Low Odor Garlics utilize several methods to produce garlic with extremely low odor levels.

Garlic ingredients from VDF FutureCeuticals can be used for encapsulation or as additions to dietary supplement products.

VDF FutureCeuticals is the premier research and development organization studying products that promote healthy lifestyles.

For more information about garlic, or any other products, call 888-472-3545, fax: 815-472-3850, or e-mail [email protected].

Photo Caption: Highly bio-active garlic from VDF FutureCeuticals is available for the supplement market. Studies show garlic can reduce serum cholesterol, inhibit the growth of some cancers, and reduce some of the complications of pregnancy.

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