Hill Country Food Consultants Launches New Web Site

(FREDRICKSBURG, TX) November 15, 2006 – Hill Country Food Consultants based in Fredericksburg, TX, offering a wide range of regulatory, quality control and food safety services for small and mid-sized food manufacturers, has launched a new web site at www.HillCountryFoodConsultants.com.

Hill Country Food Consultants (HCFC) was founded in 2005 by Stan Iwanicki. Iwanicki, HCFC principal consultant and owner, has more than 35 years of experience working with companies such as Dean Foods, Ralston Purina, International Nabisco Brands, PepsiCo Foods International and Birds Eye Foods where he developed effective and streamlined quality assurance programs.

The new web site offers a host of information about food safety and organic products as well other safety concerns important to food industry manufacturers.

HCFC also supports clients with label design and review processes and provides expert input regarding nutrient content and health claims. Working closely with its partner company, Food Horizon, the company also specializes in modular automated data collection and monitoring systems that eliminate errors, reduces product waste, lessens the need for non-productive work hours and improves the cost profile of manufacturing operations.

For more food safety information, contact Stan Iwanicki at 830.990.1778 or Info@HillCountryFood Consultants.com.

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