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Hilton Herbs UK Launches Unique Formula With AlavisTM MSM

BURLINGTON, ON,-- Hilton Herbs, renowned in the United Kingdom and Europe for their effective natural healthcare products for horses, have combined three fine cut herbs with ultra-pure AlavisTM MSM (methyl-sulphonyl-methane), a naturally occurring sulphur compound found in all living creatures) from Carolwood Corporation, to produce MSM+ TM - a unique formula to help maintain lifelong mobility and flexibility in horses and ponies.

AlavisTM MSM is the only brand of dietary MSM that is specially designed for horses and pets. In a recent series of clinical trials undertaken by veterinarian Dr. Ron Reigel on standardbred horses in the US, an oral dose of 10-20g of AlavisTM MSM per day was shown to benefit the equine athlete in terms of improved training times, less joint inflammation and stiffness after hard work and improved recovery times after exercise.

Hilton Herbs has chosen three herbs which complement the power of AlavisTM MSM and act in synergy with the bio-available sulphur. 'Yarrow' is known for its anti-inflammatory, anti-hemorrhagic and wound healing properties. 'Clivers' provides support to the lymphatic and urinary systems and is rich in silica, one of the building blocks of connective tissue. 'Meadowsweet' has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, particularly with regard to the stress related gastric problems, which affect many competitive horses and ponies.

Hilary Self, expert equine herbalist and Director of Hilton Herbs, is enthusiastic about the special combination using ultra-pure AlavisTM MSM. "We have known about the important role that sulphur plays in the maintenance of good mobility and flexibility for some time and we were keen to develop a new product that fitted with Hilton Herbs' reputation for natural healthcare. AlavisTM MSM has been tried and tested in the USA and Canada and we have undertaken our own trials - the response is very exciting."

Tony Hatcher, European Sales Manager for Carolwood Corporation, is confident that MSM+ 㤠with Alavis㤠MSM will provide horse owners with an excellent feed supplement. He adds, "MSM+TM is totally unique in the equine market and we wholeheartedly support this initiative by Hilton Herbs. Their customers throughout the UK and Europe will now enjoy the benefits of MSM in a formulation that they have complete confidence in."

MSM+TM is available in 1kg, 2kg and 5kg containers with full care instructions. Contact Hilton Herbs at 011460.70700, e-mail: [email protected], or visit their website at

Carolwood Corporation is North America¡¦s premier source for the highest quality food grade MSM (methyl-sulfonyl-methane). Carolwood Corporation, Greenville PA is the exclusive manufacturer and supplier of LignisulMSM and AlavisMSM, all-natural, patented nutritional supplements that provides biologically-active sulfur for arthritis, muscle and joint pain.

These fine grade raw materials are subjected to strict purity testing controls and are sold in bulk to the nutraceutical trade through distributors and wholesalers.

For more information, Call (888) 646-0350 in the USA, (905) 319-7974 in Canada, (0)1403-218-588 in Europe , or check out our web site at

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