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Himalaya Plants 49,750 "Trees for the Future" in India for US-Based Eco Initiative

In a partnership with the Maryland-based environmental group Trees for the Future, Himalaya Herbal Healthcare, makers of LiverCare® (internationally known as Liv.52®), planted 49,750 trees in the two states of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, in the company’s home country of India.

The eco-friendly Himalaya initiative falls under Trees for the Future’s Plant-a-Tree Partnership program. Under this model, businesses commit to plant a certain number of trees.

Each year, the trees will remove around 1,240 tons of pollution from the global atmosphere, replacing it with life-giving oxygen, while assisting in the natural return of past diversity.

“Himalaya is proud to be a partner in the Trees for the Future initiative,” said Nabeel Manal, President and CEO, Himalaya Herbal Healthcare, North America. “Since 1989, Trees for the Future has been helping communities all around the world through seed distribution, agro-forestry training and tree planting projects, empowering rural groups to restore tree cover to their lands. We are happy to do our part, since the group is a very good match for Himalaya’s ongoing people and planet mission.”

The 49,750 trees planted so far by Himalaya include a mixture of tree species, including fruit trees, fodder trees and nitrogen-fixing trees. Neem trees were also planted. Local communities in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu were involved in the tree planting program, creating a sense of project ownership among them.

“These trees, planted in India, will sustainably benefit lands and communities devastated by deforestation and, increasingly, global climate change,” said Trees for the Future Executive Director Dave Deppner. “These fast-growing, permanent, multi-purpose trees will protect fragile and eroded lands. They will improve the food and water security of surrounding households and communities, and ensure that families can continue to live in dignity and harmony with the natural resources of the land.”

Further information on Trees for the Future’s worldwide eco initiatives can be found on the organization’s website,

Himalaya Herbal Healthcare, a family owned company for three generations, has manufactured a complete line of pharmaceutical grade herbal products since 1930. With its global headquarters in Bangalore, India, Himalaya is the maker of LiverCare® (internationally known as Liv.52®), a best-selling liver support formula.

Available in 76 countries (with US headquarters in Houston, Texas), Himalaya’s herbal supplements contain 100% herbal extracts and are encapsulated in vegetarian Capsugel Vcaps.

Himalaya combines the rich value of an old system of natural medicine with modern technology, including scientific assessment of efficacy using primary clinical research, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and quality controls, using sophisticated chromatographic “fingerprinting” techniques.

Himalaya proudly carries the ISO-14001:2004 certificate of environmental management for its critical systems and procedures to control land, water and air pollution, as well as an ISO 9001:2001 certification, the most rigorous ISO conformance standard, for excellence in manufacturing as established by the International Organization for Standardization.

For more information about Himalaya herbal supplements, please visit

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