Himalaya's New JointCare -- Efficacy Supported by Recent Studies

HOUSTON, Apr 16, 2004 -- Himalaya USA announces the introduction of its new JointCare(R) (Rumalaya(R) forte) formulation, now available in caplets. Almost five years in development, the new formula was introduced after recent clinical studies confirmed JointCare's efficacy in supporting healthy joints, offering pain relief, enhancing joint mobility and reducing inflammation.

In a double blind, placebo-controlled study of 57 patients with osteoarthritis of the knee divided in two groups, there was a significant decrease in pain scores (-79.2%) and swelling scores (-87.6%) in the JointCare group versus little change in the control group after three months. Improvement in climbing stairs was seen in all patients in the study group versus only four (23%) in the control group. Chandanwale, A.S., Kulkarni, K. "Clinical evaluation of Rumalaya forte in osteoarthrosis." Medicine Update 2003. Vol 10, No 9, 23-26.

In another double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial of JointCare involving 50 patients with clinical and radiological evidence of osteoarthritis, scores in symptomatic evaluation decreased by 56.8% in the treated group after 6 months versus 29.1% in the control group. Rastogi, S., Sivaraman, S.T., Kulkarni, Kala. "Evaluating the safety and efficacy of Rumalaya forte: A double-blind clinical trial." Orthopaedics Today (2003): (V), 1, 63-65.

Himalaya USA is the North American distributor of The Himalaya Drug Company. The Himalaya Drug Company, makers of LiverCare(R) (Liv 52(R)), the world's #1 best-selling liver support formula, has been manufacturing pharmaceutical grade herbal products since 1930. Himalaya carries an ISO 9001 certification, the most rigorous ISO conformance standard, for excellence in manufacturing as established by the International Organization for Standardization. Himalaya products combine the rich value of an old system of natural medicine with all the processes of modern pharmaceutical technology including scientific assessment of efficacy through primary clinical research, Good Manufacturing Practices and quality controls using sophisticated chromatographic "fingerprinting" techniques. Himalaya products contain herbs grown by the Himalaya Drug Company.

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