HofsethBiocare to enter omega-3s fish oil market

HofsethBiocare to enter omega-3s fish oil market

HofsethBiocare announced that HBC plans to enter the global salmon oil markets with best-in-class omega-3 oil.


HofsethBiocare (HBC), the Oslo, Norway-based division of Hofseth International AS, announced that HBC plans to enter the global salmon oil markets with a best-in-class omega-3 oil. The announcement was made by SjurJenssen, CEO of HofsethBiocare.

According to Jenssen, the salmon oil material is a result of over 10 years of investment and development of a proprietary supply chain that is a radical departure and alternative to current conventional fish oil ingredients.

“Conventional fish oil ingredients are commonly derived from biomass that is a degraded meal which requires extensive filtration and processing yielding oils that are heavily refined with many of the active constituents thrown out,” said Jenssen.

“Our oil will definitely make a real difference and true point of differentiation, like no other omega-3 oil I’ve ever seen” said Jenssen.

HofsethBiocare enjoys global patent protection on its method for processing marine biomass in a low temperature, enzyme driven process. This approach yields ingredients like salmon oil that are fresh, pure and 100 percent sustainable, with no impact on wild salmon populations. Rapid processing time and unmatched capacity and traceability make the company’s offerings a truly new and interesting option for soft gel and liquid supplement marketers and manufacturers.

“We start with fresh salmon and we extract virgin salmon oil within 24 hours,” Jenssen said.

“The oil is very stable and all of the natural constituents are preserved, thus the oil even has a natural pink salmon color,” Jenssennoted.

The most compelling aspect of the oil produced by HofsethBiocare is its activity.

“While the industry is focused on the specification, we are focused on human clinical trials that have shown activity far beyond anything we’ve seen in the marketplace,” Jenssen said. “This is because our supply chain and patented processing method are unique,” Jenssen added.

For more information visit the HofsethBiocare website at www.HofsethBiocare.com


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