A Holiday Gift from Michael’s Bakery.com … EASY CASH!

November 5, 2003, Millville, CA - Michael’s Bakery.com (http://www.michaelsbakery.com/), a leading direct marketer of premium “All Natural” and Organic bakery gifts, announced today an innovative retail mail order partner program for Natural Products Retailers featuring its specialty fresh baked gifts.

The new program promises to provide significant extra cash…with no investment required! It’s perfect for retailers looking for innovative new ways to generate additional cash flow. And it allows retailers to make a unique gift program available to their customers in time for the Holiday Season, and all year round. Best of all, Michael’s Bakery.com does virtually all the work!

“The program is simple”, said Michael Ramos, founder and President of Michael’s Bakery.com. “Retailers simply sign up and receive all required marketing materials. Each retail partner is given a unique code that customers use when placing their orders. The customer can place their order in the store, by phone or over the Internet and pay using their favorite credit card. The freshly baked orders are shipped within 48 hours anywhere in the United States. Then, every month Michael’s Bakery.com sends a check to the retail partner.”

“We want to make the potential revenue significant,” Mr. Ramos added. “So we pay the retail partner a full 25% commission on the first order for each customer and then 10% on subsequent orders from the same customer for a full year.”

Michael’s Bakery.com has been offering premium quality bakery gifts for over 15 years. The products have received rave reviews in such prestigious newspapers as the San Francisco Chronicle and the New York Times. Now, in addition to their traditional All Natural products, customers can also choose Organic versions of Michael’s most popular products. Gifts range from about $30.00 to $35.00 per item.

This new program was developed in collaboration with Nutritional Products Consulting Group of Laguna Niguel, California, and its President, Bernie Landes.

Retailers can contact Michael’s Bakery.com at 1-800-449-CAKE (2253) or Nutritional Products Consulting Group 1-949-661-5331 for further details or to join the program in plenty of time for the Holidays.

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