HomeGrown Herbals, Leader in Handcrafted Herbal Remedies, Launches Line of Herbal Pet and Equine Products

After focusing for nearly 10 years on the all-natural, herbal products market for people, HomeGrown Herbals announces the launch of an herbal pet care line for dogs, cats and horses.

Hygiene, CO—(November 18, 2003)—HomeGrown Herbals, a leading producer of handcrafted, organically grown or ethically wildcrafted all natural herbal extracts, tinctures, salves and other herbal remedies for people, announces the launch of new herbal medicinal products for dogs, cats and horses. The herbal pet care line will be available to leading natural foods stores and in select pet products stores, country general stores, animal feed shops and saddleries in the Southwest and in other areas throughout the country.

With the natural pet care category growing at more than 20 percent per year, according to the market research firm SPINS, HomeGrown Herbals is responding to this increasing demand with the introduction of equine, canine and feline herbal remedies, beginning with four topical equine products. The herbal formulations contain organically grown, ethically wildcrafted and other natural ingredients, and the sprays and liquids are made in a base of distilled water and organic pure grain alcohol. The dog and cat products will be introduced by the end of the year.

The equine products include:

- Muscle Liniment: Witch Hazel bark, Aloe Vera leaf, Arnica flower, St. Johnswort flowering tops, Lobelia herb, Comfrey leaf, and menthol crystals in a base of distilled water and organic pure grain alcohol; 4-fl.-oz. bottle.

- Anti-Fungal Spray: Witch Hazel bark, Aloe Vera leaf, Black Walnut hulls, Pau d'Arco bark, Chaparral leaf, Calendula flowers, and Cinnamon bark in a base of distilled water and organic pure grain alcohol; 4-fl.-oz. spray bottle.

- Wound Spray: Witch Hazel bark, Aloe Vera leaf, Neem leaf, Chaparral leaf, Comfrey leaf, Echinacea root, seed and flower, Yerba Mansa root, Rosemary leaf, St. Johnswort flowering tops, and Yarrow leaf in a base of distilled water and organic pure grain alcohol; 4-fl.-oz. bottle.

- Wound Salve: White Oak bark, Chaparral leaf, Comfrey root, Marshmallow root, Myrrh gum, and Tea Tree essential oil in a base of coconut and grape seed oils, vitamin E and beeswax; 4-oz. tin.

HomeGrown Herbals, established in 1995 and based in Boulder County, Colorado, manufactures a proprietary line of 200 products including blended herbal formulas, single extracts, and herbal salves, oils and other remedies for people and pets. The products are available in select Whole Foods Markets, Wild Oats Markets, Vitamin Cottage, and other leading natural products retailers in Colorado, plus Elephant Pharmacy in Berkeley, CA, and other stores in the Southwest, Midwest, and other areas of the country, and in England and Latin America. The company also manufactures for private label clients. For more information please visit www.homegrownherbals.com, or contact [email protected], tel 303.702.0833.


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