Hongjiu Biotech Obtains GAP certification from SFDA

Hongjiu Biotech Co., Ltd., are pleased to announce that they have obtained GAP certification from SFDA.

GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) supports Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Combined with pharmaceutical and agricultural studies, it is a project which ensures the quality of production. The purpose of implementation is to standardize the entire process of Chinese herb production, control the quality of herb pieces, medicine, health medicine and health food, meet with international standards and achieve the objective of producing “true, high-quality, stable and controllable’ medicines.

GAP is a specification for plant-oriented industry that produces primary agricultural goods. It deals with the animals, environmental protection, workers’ health, safety and welfare. It also ensures that primary agricultural manufacturers will produce safe and healthy products. Based on Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point, Good Hygiene Practice, sustainable development and sustainable improvement of farm, the implementation of GAP avoids potential serious contamination from external substances during the process of production and the hazards which may be induced by improper operation during agricultural cultivation.

Refer to the international standard GAP, Chinese national certification and accreditation drafted China GAP. This standard has been released and implemented since July 2006.


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