Honson Ingredients Celebrates Ten Year Anniversary

Honson Ingredients is celebrating ten years in the nutraceutical industry and is marking the event with the launch of an upgraded website (www.honsons.com) and several new faces in the building. Honson, an integrated nutraceutical supplier that operates out of Toronto, Canada, have been continually investing in their R&D department and service facilities since their inception in 1995.

"Business has been good", says Dr. Peter Ou, product director and company chairman. "We have the experience that our customers seek and people are familiar with our name. We are quite delighted to mark off ten years in such a relatively young industry."

He notes that Honson has been able to gain a secure connection to South African Hoodia extract and looks forward to establishing Honson as a primary supplier. "2005 is going to be another good year" he projects.

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