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Hope Restored to America’s Dieters with Arrival of 'Beyond Atkins'

Television’s Larry King and John Schneider Join Growing Community of Advocates Benefiting from New Book’s Sensible and Healthy Recommendations

(LOS ANGELES, CALIF.) --- Ever since his television program was launched by CNN, Larry King has interviewed virtually every major diet book author. Today, after review of all of the competing plans designed to inspire individuals to optimum weight loss and wellness, he has crowned Beyond Atkins as “the most balanced and sensible approach to health that I’ve seen.” Written by national health and wellness authority Dr. Douglas Markham, D.C., Beyond Atkins: A Healthier, More Balanced Approach to a Low Carbohydrate Way of Eating hit the bookshelves last week. Sales have already approached 100,000 copies.

Larry King, a type 2 diabetic, first subscribed to the Total Health™ weight loss and wellness program outlined in the new book to get his blood sugar levels under control. Since starting the program, King has lost weight, his blood sugar levels have remarkably dropped below 100, and his doctor has reduced the dosage of the supportive medications he had prescribed to the talk show host. “I’m now on my way to eliminating the medications completely,” King celebrated. “If you follow what Dr. Doug advises, I can almost guarantee you will lead a better, healthier life.”

Veteran television actor John Schneider, who currently stars on the hit WB series Smallville, has also joined the Total Health™ chorus. In 2002, he shared for the first time publicly his struggle with obesity as a child. Schneider weighed more than 220 pounds at the age of 12. At age 16, with a 44-inch waist and weighing just under 250 pounds, he heeded the advice of his older brother and began making lifestyle changes. Two years and 50 pounds later, Schneider’s acting career took him straight to the top, being cast as the heart throb Bo Duke on television’s Dukes of Hazzard. “Because I had a disease that many people have today, I think it's time that I try to help people get a grip on the problem of obesity,” he said. He attributes his recovery to the principles of the Total Health™ plan, a plan that he and his family follow to this day. “Obesity is a real disease, a killer disease, and I am convinced that I would be dead today if the lights had not been turned on for me in high school,” he concluded.

Beyond Atkins outlines a protein-rich, favorable-carbohydrate way of eating combined with regular exercise, intellectual development, and spiritual growth. It underscores the core message that the high carbohydrate content of the American diet, along with lack of exercise, is the leading contributor to obesity-related diseases. It offers sensible and non-technical recommendations for nutrition and exercise, including more than 60 recipes for delicious Total Health™ meals and snacks

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