Horphag introduces Salty-R salt enhancer at SupplySide

Horphag introduces Salty-R salt enhancer at SupplySide

Horphag Research Nutrition's new natural flavor reduces sodium in food while maintaining the taste.

Horphag Research Nutrition, a 100% subsidiary of Horphag Research (sole supplier of Pycnogenol®, a botanical extract from French maritime pine bark), will launch Salty-RTM, a unique, natural and cost-effective salt enhancer.

“Over-consumption of sodium is reputedly the biggest threat to human health after cigarette smoking,” said Markus Beba, Vice President Sales and Business Development, Horphag Research Nutrition. “Our strategic focus is to offer the industry natural health solutions based on a sound scientific foundation and I am delighted that we can again support the food industry’s efforts by providing the next generation of salt enhancers. Tasting is believing, and I am convinced Salty-R™ can make a significant contribution to rendering processed food healthier while driving consumer preference.”

“Our new nutrition division will be bridging the gap from nutrition to health and we look forward to launching new and exciting products in a very short time to come,” adds Victor Ferrari, CEO of Horphag Research.

Sodium: The silent killer

While common salt (NaCl) which is essential to the human diet and has been successfully used for centuries as a preservative against spoilage organisms, there is mounting evidence demonstrating that over-consumption can lead to hypertension and coronary heart disease. 

It is estimated that in a Western diet, approximately 75 percent of dietary sodium is derived from processed foods while only 8-11 percent is added by the consumer in the form of table salt. The average consumption of salt in Western societies is around 10g per day, which is approximately double that recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Salty-R™: Worth its salt

Horphag Research Nutrition, through exclusive partnership with a US-based biotech company, has developed salt enhancer Salty-R™, a product capable of reducing salt by 25- 35 percent, depending on the application. The enhancer will be globally labelled as a natural flavour and is from a vegetable source, non-allergenic, contains no yeast extract or HVPs and is Kosher. Furthermore, the product was independently tested on 80 French consumers in two locations and was demonstrated not only to enhance the saltiness of the product, but also flavor intensity and preference. When tested in combination with KCl,again the saltiness was enhanced and the off-notes were significantly reduced resulting in superior consumer preference.

The product has also been tested with excellent results in a plethora of food applications including snacks, ready meals, soups and sauces, dressings and may also improve the taste of isotonic beverages.

An international organisation of experts from no less than 81 countries (World Action on Salt and Health) was established in 2005 to publicize the adverse effects of salt on health and to work with governments and industry in an attempt to reduce the sodium levels. Since then, several authorities, including the UK Scientific advisory board, the UK food standards committee on nutrition, the UK food standards agency and the American Public Health Association recommend a reduction in salt intake. More recently, the New York City Health Department initiated a national effort to prevent heart attacks and strokes by reducing the amount of salt in processed foods.

Taste sells

Reducing salt in food will negatively impact the taste and unless alternative measures are taken, leading consumer goods companies risk disappointing consumers and losing market share.

Strategies to reduce salt in food while retaining consumer acceptance are limited; several companies offer taste enhancers, largely based on autolysed yeast extracts or hydrolysed vegetable proteins which, depending on the country, can result in an undesirable label declaration and lack lustre results. Potassium chloride or sea salt high in potassium are popular choices to compensate for the lack of taste. However potassium, while providing a similar salty perception is unfortunately accompanied by a metallic or bitter off taste. Given the pressure on industry to reduce salt while offering consumer preferred products, a clean label, natural and cost-effective solution remains high on the agenda of most food players.

The introduction of Salty-R™ follows the launch of Horphag Research’s new nutrition division designed to accommodate the growing opportunities and demands for Pycnogenol®, its flagship ingredient, in the functional food and beverage sector as well as development of other nutritional ingredients.  More information is available at www.salty-r.com

Please visit us at booth #23112 at Supply Side West.

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