Humanetics Corporation Receives Registration Mark for THE SCIENCE OF SUPPLEMENTS®

Eden Prairie, MN - Humanetics Corporation recently received notification from the United States Patent and Trademark Office that Humanetics, The Science of Supplements®, has been recognized as registered. With the recent recall of many name brand products in both the pharmaceutical and supplement industries, consumers are more aware and concerned than ever about the safety of the products they use and are increasingly seeking companies that offer strong science to support the products that they sell.

“We’re glad to have received this registration since it further validates the Humanetics’ corporate mission of developing and commercializing unique, efficacious dietary ingredients for consumers,” says Scott Steil, VP of Sales & Marketing, Humanetics Corporation. “As a company, science continues to guide our efforts, from the pharmaceutical rigor in our product development process including thorough preclinical toxicology studies to ensure product safety, to the use of clinical trials to demonstrate efficacy,” says Steil. “The solid clinical trial pedigrees of our product line are driving increased customer interest and value in supporting marketing claims.”

About Humanetics Corporation
Founded in 1988, Humanetics Corporation is a privately held corporation focused on providing proprietary, science-based solutions to consumer health and aging concerns. Humanetics Corporation markets 7-Keto™ for weight loss, MicroLactin™ for inflammation and joint health and Inzitol™ for glucose transport and creatine uptake by muscle cells. For more information, visit

Contact: Scott Steil
Humanetics Corporation
Phone 952-400-0401
Fax 952-937-7667


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