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IADSA keeps the spotlight on Latin America in 2009

The International Alliance of Dietary/Food Supplement Associations (IADSA) kicked off 2009 with a Latin American workshop for officials and experts on global, regional and national regulatory trends.

The workshop, which took place on 26 January in Lima, Peru, saw attendance from representatives from the dietary supplement sector and officials from Peru, Venezuela and the Andean secretariat.

Organised by IADSA in conjunction with its Latin American Working Group, the event gave participants an overview of regulatory developments in the global dietary supplement market, including regional harmonisation initiatives and the different regulatory frameworks in the Andean region.

“The workshop gave the Andean secretariat and regulators the opportunity to debate the key regulatory issues in the region and the potential for change in the light of international regulations and practice,” said IADSA Chairman Byron Johnson. “One of the aims of IADSA is to encourage greater communication on the regulation and science behind dietary supplements, and we will continue to encourage further detailed discussions at national level.”

IADSA is the leading international expert association regarding the globalisation of dietary supplement markets and an accredited international non-governmental organisation with a seat at the table of the main international regulatory bodies. The workshop was the third event organised by IADSA in Latin America, the previous workshops being held in Mexico and Argentina last year.

David Pineda, IADSA’s Director of Regulatory Affairs, said: “Latin America is a highly complex region in terms of dietary supplement regulation and many significant problems exist for marketing products. IADSA is committed to helping support local associations through the exchange of information and provision of solutions to create balanced regulation across the region.”

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