IANPP Posts Draft 'Natural' Definitions

6/12/05--Nederland, CO—The International Association of Natural Product Producers (IANPP), based here, has posted its draft definitions for natural topical and ingestible ingredients. The organization, consisting of 25 charter members, was formed in August of 2004 to initially develop specific criteria for using the word “natural” in product positioning, labeling and other marketing communications.

“After nine months of deliberations, we have finished our draft guidelines for natural ingredients,” says IANPP Executive Director Darrin C. Duber-Smith. “We have posted our results at www.ianpp.org, and are welcoming comments from the general public. We hope that, once completed, Industry embraces our criteria so that the word ‘natural’ maintains its’ meaning to producers and consumers alike.” The organization will begin immediate work on a glossary of “non-natural” ingredients used in finished products. Future group activities may include establishing a system for product certification, labeling guidelines, and expanded regulations for membership.

The IANPP is now accepting general members who wish to support the organization’s ongoing efforts. Visit IANPP.org to become a member and to view the draft guidelines. Please contact Darrin C. Duber Smith at 303.258.8305/[email protected] for more information.

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