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Functional foods and globalisation are hot topics

IFT Food Expo

Sunday, June 25 - Tuesday, June 27
11 am - 5:30 pm

Scientific Programme
Sunday, June 25 - Wednesday, June 28
9 am - 5:30 pm
Sessions on Sunday begin at 2:30 pm
Sessions on Wednesday will end at noon

This year at IFT, the scientific programme will include 100 educational sessions and more than 1,400 presentations. Themes include: bioterrorism, functional foods, globalisation and food allergens.

The Food Expo will be open Sunday-Tuesday from 11 am — 5:30 pm, and will include more than 2,000 exhibit booths.

It also promises to be an ingredients-driven show with more than 500 ingredients suppliers featuring their product lines. Innova and Mintel will be hosting the New Products Showcases.

Alton Brown, host of Food Network's Good Eats, will open the Food Expo with a keynote address on Sunday, June 25, at 9 am. Known for challenging traditional models for cookbooks and cooking shows, Brown combines science, history and culture to create presentations on recipes, processes, tools and all things food.

As a participant on Iron Chef America and the author of four books, Brown will use his own unique style to entertain and enlighten attendees and exhibitors.

Global Food Safety and Quality Conference
Wednesday, June 28 ? 9 am — 4:30 pm
Orange County Convention Center ? Orlando, FL
This full-day conference, held in conjunction with IFT, will feature programming on food safety in Latin America and the impact on global trade. It is co-sponsored with the Latin American and Caribbean Association of Food Science and Technology.
Registration: $50; lunch is included.

Future IFT shows are scheduled for: July 26-30, 2007, in Chicago; and June 26-30, 2008, in New Orleans.

Supplier Highlights
DD Williamson, the world leader in caramel colour, is showcasing its new broad spectrum of natural colours, including its colorMaker custom blends, in booth 1128.

LycoRed, a leading natural lycopene producer in booth 1570, will introduce a prototype of a tasty smoothie fortified with a premix containing 33 per cent of the recommended daily intake of an array of vitamins and minerals plus 5mg lycopene for fortification and colouring.

Nikken Foods Co, a maker of savoury flavours and soy sauce powders, is introducing several new products, such as Wheat-Free Non-GMO Natural Flavour Enhancer, shelf-stable shiitake mushroom concentrate, and the newest in a series of natural clam-broth powders, in booth 3914.

Nutrinova will highlight the latest advancements in blending the high-intensity sweetener Sunett (acesulfame-K) with the full range of other sweeteners, as well as focus on its reliability as a partner to its customer base with both Sunett and Nutrinova Sorbates. At booth 1732, visitors can try a selection of different beverages, developed as concepts.

Hot Topic
PointCounterPoint: Where Science Meets Funding
Tuesday, June 27
This first-ever event is will focus on increasing federal funding sources for food-based research. The discussion will be moderated by IFT past-president Gilbert Leveille and will feature representatives from an array of federal agencies and IFT member scientists.

Naturex, in booth 2817, is showcasing an extended range of product lines, thanks to the recent acquisition of Pure World. These lines include NAT'Arom water-soluble flavouring extracts, NAT'Color carotenoid blends line, NAT'Stabil rosemary extracts to enhance shelf-life of foods and beverages, and NAT'Actie botanical extracts.

PL Thomas, in booth 942, will showcase its nanoemulsion technology NutraLease. PLT also offers a line of antioxidants based on rosemary extracts from Vitiva, as well as speciality carrageenan from CEAMSA, which increases yield and prevents drip loss in meats.

Vitiva is introducing AquaROX, a water-soluble antioxidant rosmarinic acid with a concentration ranging from 5-40 per cent. It can be used in energy beverages, bars and breakfast cereals. In booth 942, Vitiva will also feature INOLENS, a new line of odourless rosemary extracts.
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