Immune System Management Inc. purchases intellectual property to market nutraceutical compounds

OTTAWA, Dec. 13 /CNW Telbec/ - Immune System Management Inc. (ISM) today announced that it has purchased intellectual property that will allow it to bring to market a variety of services and nutraceutical compounds targeted at the management of the underlying causes of cancer and other diseases. The company has signed a manufacturing and distribution agreement with Purity Professionals, a major distributor of natural health products, and the products will be available across Canada in 2006. ISM also plans to offer a range of customized patient services and intends to establish clinics in major urban areas.

ISM, a biotechnology company, has purchased intellectual property pertaining to Aminomics developed by William O'Neill, the founder and CEO of the Canadian Cancer Research Group (CCRG). At the core of the Aminomics approach is the following hypothesis, reached through years of research and clinical experience at CCRG's medical clinic and laboratory.

To bring its products to market, ISM has received development funding of approximately $1 million from BDC and private investors, many of whom are patients of CCRG.

By purchasing the Aminomics intellectual property, ISM has been able to develop focused products for people suffering from or at a high risk of prostate, colorectal or breast cancer. Submissions have been made to Health Canada's Natural Health Product Directorate (NHPD) for certification of all ISM's products and it has already received approval for two of the component nutraceuticals.

In September of 2005, Dr. Eoghan O'Shea, M.D. was appointed Medical Director for ISM. Dr. O'Shea brings 20 years clinical practice in community healthcare and 5 years consulting with CCRG. He has been integrally involved with in the development, application and refinement of the Aminomics approach.

At the second annual IN-CAM Research Symposium in Toronto last month, O'Shea presented the results of an independent study (co-authored by Dr. O'Shea, Medical Director and Dr. Ken Lin, Laboratory Director), that showed significant positive response rates in disease remission, stabilization, and improvement in quality of life without side effect or adverse events in 95% of 50 prostate cancer patients, when administered a comprehensive protocol of pharmaceutical-grade, pathogen-free nutritional supplements that targeted amino acid imbalances specific to each patient. A full paper on the study has been submitted for publication in a leading peer review journal.

"The results that we have observed at ISM through the Aminomics approach are nothing short of remarkable," said Dr. O'Shea. "We are now in an age where the lines between conventional and alternative medicine are beginning to blur, and it is exciting to think of the possibilities for the future of ISM as we further explore the potential of Aminomics to treat the causes of various chronic diseases."

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