Imperial Optical, Inc. Partners with DaVinci Laboratories

Rouses Point, NY (PRWEB) May 31, 2005 -- Imperial Optical, Inc., the leading independent wholesale contact lens distributor in North America, has entered into a strategic partnership with DaVinci Laboratories of Vermont, a natural supplement and nutraceuticals provider selling exclusively to healthcare professionals worldwide, to provide online access to an exclusive line of eye health supplements to Imperial Optical’s ECP WebSolutions subscribers.

David Pearce, Imperial Optical’s Marketing Manager said, “According to Datamonitor America, the U.S. nutraceutical market surpassed $20 billion in 2003. That is roughly ten times the size of the U.S. contact lens market and is not specific to those consumers who need vision correction. This represents a significant market opportunity for independent eyecare providers to add value to their patient relationships, get access to their patients’ family members who do not require vision correction or regular vision healthcare, and add a new profit center to their practice with no additional out-of-pocket expense.”

“This should come as no big surprise to the eyecare industry, as there have been many articles in the leading industry journals and publications on this topic. What is new is that Imperial Optical is now offering our ECP WebSolutions subscribers a no-cost source to supply their patients, their patients’ families and friends an online source to get their supplements directly from the practitioner’s website.”

Pearce continued, “After conducting in-depth research on the various products and providers in the nutraceutical market, Imperial Optical chose to partner with DaVinci specifically because of their proprietary line of vision-related supplements and how their formulations stacked up compared to other formulations. Additionally, they also offer a complete line of supplements to meet the needs of virtually all potential supplement consumers.”

Dom Orlandi, President of Food Science Corp., DaVinci’s parent corporation, added, “Multiple studies show that nutritional supplementation benefits eye health. DaVinci’s Healthy Eyes™ nutritional formula represents serious nutrition for the eyes. Not only does it provide key nutrients for maintaining optimum function and structure in the eyes, it also provides essential antioxidant protection from free radicals which can lead to major eye problems.”

“DaVinci entered into this agreement with Imperial Optical because we believe their value-added approach to serving eyecare practitioners, with a keen focus on helping their customers be more profitable, fit well with how we approach the industry,” Orlandi concluded.

ECP WebSolutions subscribers will have the eye/vision health line of DaVinci products available online at no additional cost to the practice. Consumers can purchase directly from the ECP website using their own credit cards. ECPs can fix the sale price of the DaVinci products through the ECP WebSolutions practitioner interface module to control their profit margins and help offset margin pressure from other competitive forces such as discount retailers and other wholesale direct-to-consumer sellers.

DaVinci customer service representatives will provide ECPs with educational training and support, as well as in-office promotional materials to help raise awareness of the value of their line of vision health supplements.

Imperial Optical, Inc., founded in 1989, is the largest independent wholesale contact lens distributor in North America specifically focused on providing eyecare professionals with one-stop access to a superior selection of value-priced, top quality, branded contact lenses and a commitment to customer service known throughout the industry as the “Imperial Advantage.” To learn more about Imperial Optical, Inc., the “Imperial Advantage” or how to become an Imperial Optical Strategic Partner, visit

DaVinci Laboratories of Vermont is a division of FoodScience Corporation, a leader in nutritional research and product development for the last 33 years. FoodScience Corporation offers a full range of specialty products for humans and animals such as advanced Immune System Support Supplements, patent-pending Joint and Connective Tissue Formulas, innovative antioxidant support, and a complete line of high potency multiple vitamin and mineral formulations. DaVinci offers products that are condition specific such as Eye, Prostate, Cardiovascular, neurological, digestive, and Menopause Support Supplements, as well as a complete line of high potency multiple vitamin/mineral formulas that are age and gender specific. DaVinci also provides a personalized targeted nutritional supplement program based on each person’s genetic profile. All products are guaranteed for purity, potency and adherence to label claim. FoodScience Corporation is a recognized member of the National Nutritional Foods Association (NNFA) the largest and oldest agency dedicated to the Nutritional Health Industry, representing over 5,000 retailers, manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors. FoodScience Corporation is also a member of the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) and follows Good Manufacturing Procedures (GMP). Research at prestigious universities and institutions across the United States has resulted in a number of U.S. patents and patent-pending nutritional formulas. With three human divisions and three animal divisions FoodScience Corporation continues to set new standards for quality and cutting edge products. To learn more about DaVinci visit

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