Important Statement on Coral Calcium

OptiPureÒ, a California based specialty, herbal, botanical and nutraceutical raw material supplier, has presented its laboratory test results on Marine Bed Coral Calcium. Deanne Dolnick, National Education Manager, spoke on behalf of OptiPureÒ at SupplySide West International Trade Show and Conference held in Las Vegas, December 6, 2002.

Miss Dolnick started her presentation noting that OptiPure® believes that treatment claims made about the Coral Calcium being sold today can seriously damage the industry. For that reason, OptiPureÒ has not and will not make treatment claims for its Coral Calcium Product. She then discussed the clear and obvious differences that exist between OptiPureÒ Marine Bed Coral Calcium and other forms of coral calcium. The all-natural 100% Coral Calcium, 2 to 1 ratio of calcium to magnesium sets OptiPure’sÒmaterial apart. Marine Bio Co., Ltd. of Okinawa, Japan, supplier to OptiPureÒ, harvests the coral in an ecologically safe manner. OptiPureÒ has tested the Coral Calcium at highly respected off-site laboratories to verify chemical and mineral composition.

The interest in Coral Calcium from Okinawa, Japan as a dietary supplement has swept the nation. OptiPureÒ is pleased to report that their Marine Bed Coral Calcium can be found in some of the leading and most respected supplement brands on the market today.

Marine Bio of Okinawa Japan, the supplier to OptiPureÒ, has distanced itself from those companies and individuals making treatment claims. Mr. Hideo Someya, President and CEO of Marine Bio Co. Ltd. stated that his company has chosen to align itself with OptiPureÒ, because he is confident that OptiPureÒ represents the highest standards in the industry. Optipure® will continue to promote its Coral Calcium which holds a U.S. patent issued by the United States Patent and Trademark office. It is the ecologically safe, all-natural 100% Coral Calcium with a 2 to 1 ratio of calcium to magnesium that is sold to marketers to be used in dietary supplements.

Contact: Lauren Thor

OptiPureâ Chemco Industries, Inc.

6984 Bandini Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90040
E-mail: [email protected]

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