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Inauguration Ceremony of Enzymotec's New Biotechnology Facility Draws Big Names

Jarrow L. Rogovin, President of Jarrow Formulas®, Inc., a global wellness and nutritional product company headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, was one of the speakers along with Israeli President Shimon Peres at Enzymotec’s new plant opening ceremony that took place on July 6th at the Sagi 2000 industrial area in Northern Israel southeast of Haifa.

Approximately 350 guests attended the event and came from around the world, including from the US, Canada, Europe and the Far East.
The new state of the art 200,000-square-foot cGMP facility includes several production lines, research laboratories and Enzymotec’s main offices.

According to Elzaphan Hotam, CEO, Enzymotec USA Inc, Jarrow gave a very moving speech based on his family connections in Israel, his personal support of the Jewish state, and being Enzymotec’s first customer in the US for its phosphatidylserine product. “Jarrow’s speech was extremely heartfelt and added so much to the ceremony,” says Hotam. “It was one of the highlights of the event.”

“I felt incredibly honored to be invited to attend and even speak by Ariel Katz, Enzymotec’s founder and President,” says Jarrow L. Rogovin, President of Jarrow Formulas and Chairman of the Board, Jarrow Industries. “Meeting President Peres, sitting next to him and being thanked by him for my speech was amazing. He’s a very great man. One of the themes I developed was about my late cousin Tova Peeri. She survived the Shoa and came to Israel in 1947. I told the story about the time I drove with her on a tour of northern Israel and the pride in her voice when she proudly acclaimed to me, ‘Look what we have done!’ The audience suddenly applauded and then I carried through to the present saying, ‘Mr. President – Ariel – [addressing one of the nation’s founders along with the founder of the company] if Cousin Tova were here today, she would say, ‘Look what you have done!’ When the President spoke, first in Hebrew, then in English, he spoke of the need to maintain health and researching how to do this and the importance of products that support good health since we are living longer.”

Enzymotec is a biotechnology company that develops and produces innovative biofunctional ingredients to address health needs associated with the human life cycle, starting from babies up to seniors. Enzymotec is a globally active company that sells its products to various industrial segments, including functional foods, dietary supplements and infant nutrition. Its main focus areas are solutions for improving cognitive function, reducing cardiovascular disease and balanced nutrition for babies and toddlers.

Jarrow Formulas®, Inc. is a nutritional supplement formulator and marketer founded in 1977 and incorporated in 1988. The company markets its products throughout the United States and internationally in more than 20 countries in Europe, Asia, Israel and Latin America. The company offers a complete line of nutritional products that includes vitamins, minerals, probiotics, standardized herbal concentrates, amino acids, enzymes and enteral nutrition formulations. Jarrow Formulas, Inc. is active in regulatory affairs, helping to maintain American’s rights to free access to dietary supplements. All of its products are under strict quality control and meet or exceed U.S. standards for dietary and nutritional supplements. Its products are manufactured by Jarrow Industries Incorporated, a GMP-certified, pharmaceutical quality facility located in Santa Fe Springs, CA. For more information, contact Mark Becker, Director, Advertising/Communications toll free at (800) 726-0886 or access the Jarrow Formulas’ Web site at

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