Increasing market for probiotics to children

The market for probiotic supplements for children is on the rise. A new product is heavily promoted at ... football stadiums in Italy!

The market for probiotic supplements for children is increasing as more and more studies document the health promoting effect on the immune system. At the same time today’s parents are able and willing to spend more on their children’s health which again makes this segment a profitable business for the industry.
Now Pediatrica, an important player on the Italian dietary supplement market, has taken the consequence of this. They are promoting their new probiotic dietary supplement for children, developed in a close working partnership with Chr. Hansen, on king size advertisements alongside Italian football pitches hosting the Serie A tournament, among other things at the stadium in Torino (Juventus FC and Torino FC). Chr. Hansen’s logo appears in the advertisement as well.

Documentation comes first
So now Italian fathers (and mothers) can familiarize themselves with the latest news from the kids’ dietary supplement area when they go to watch a football match. And they can rest assured that the product has been developed together with a global supplier of natural ingredients that has chosen to focus strongly on the clinical documentation of its solutions.

“Children's health is a key area for Chr. Hansen’s Heath & Nutrition Division, and we are experiencing a growing interest in probiotic solutions for children. We have never heard of a similar marketing initiative but I think it is a great idea,” says Tine Westerdal, Head of Marketing, Health & Nutrition Division.

Supporting professional image
“The somewhat unusual approach is part of a strategy that aims to increase the Chr. Hansen brand value and awareness with the final consumer," adds Dr. Carlo Appennini, Sales Manager, Health & Nutrition Division, Chr. Hansen Italy.
"In addition to this, we are participating in paediatric congresses sponsored by Pediatrica to inform the paediatricians that Pediatrica is working with a leading science-based probiotic producer. This strategy is a help in building up professional image for both companies,” he explains.
For gastrointestinal health Chr. Hansen can offer the world’s best documented strains and a portfolio that is well suited for all age groups.

The only way is up ...
Digestive health (gut health) has been nominated as one of the ten key trends in Food, Nutrition and Health 2007 by New Nutrition Business. The global retail market for probiotic dietary supplements experienced 46.9% growth between 2002 and 2005, and growth of 32.6% is predicted throughout 2010 (Euromonitor International).

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