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Incromega TG – Raising the Bar on Quality

Due to documented health benefits, fish consumption is on the rise, but so are concerns about environmental contaminants. In response to these market concerns, Bioriginal is pleased to offer its customers Incromega TG, an ultra high purity EPA & DHA omega-3 lipid concentrates, now 90% lower PCBs than industry wide CRN standards of 0.09 ppm.

“High quality fish oil supplements are a safer way to receive the benefits of the healthy Omega-3 fatty acids and avoiding unwanted contaminants. With Incromega TG, a high purity EPA & DHA Omega-3 lipid concentrate, fish oil supplementation is even safer,” advises Joelle Lynchuk, RD, and New Product Development expert.

The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) and the European Commission (EC) legislate that the maximum level of dioxin and furan levels be 2 pg WHO – TEQ/g and Incromega TG contains levels below 1 pg WHO – TEQ/g. Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) levels in Incromega TG are less than 0.009 ppm; 90% below industry-wide CRN standards of 0.09 ppm.

“Incromega TG exceeds all industry purity standards for environmental contaminants, dioxins and PCBs,” states Dr. Rakesh Kapoor, Director of Science and Technology at Bioriginal Food & Science Corp.

Incromega TG concentrates are ultra high in purity because of fish sources from unpolluted waters, the use of smaller fish that naturally contain lower levels of environmental contaminants, and state-of-the-art proprietary purification process, from Croda Healthcare, that includes molecular distillation. All processes are carried out following strict Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).

Incromega TG is another innovative EFA solution provided by Bioriginal, the exclusive distributor of Croda nutritional oils.


Bioriginal Food & Science Corp. is an innovative solutions provider of essential fatty acids (EFAs), with a distribution network spanning six continents, including offices in Canada, the U.S, Europe and China. We provide a full range of EFA products from specialty ingredients to finished, packaged products from fish, flax, borage, evening primrose, black currant and CLA. Our products are used around the world in nutraceuticals, functional foods, skin care products, cosmetics, animal feed, veterinary products and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals. For more information on Incromega concentrated fish oils in North America, please contact your Bioriginal sales representative or visit

Croda Health Care is a key marketing division of Croda International, the UK-based manufacturer of speciality ingredients for the global consumer and health care markets. Providing naturally-derived, high quality actives and excipients for pharmaceutical, nutritional and animal health markets, the Health Care division focuses on delivering condition and application-specific solutions to meet the stringent technical, quality and market requirements of these industries. The company's extensive range of health care ingredients includes essential fatty acids, high purity lipids, drug delivery systems and protein derivatives. The group employs over 1700 people worldwide, with an extensive sales and distribution network covering more than 60 countries. Bioriginal Food & Science Corp. is the official distributor of CRODA EFA oils in North America. For further product information visit

Kristen Trautman,
Bioriginal Food & Science Corp.
(306) 975-1166

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