Indena Introduces Indena 30 Quality Control System To Highlight Commitment To Quality Assurance

Provides peace of mind to manufacturers utilizing Indena products that they are safe and effective

November 3, 2005 – Seattle, WA – Indena, U.S.A. announced today its Indena 30 Quality Control System. Indena 30 emphasizes more than 30 quality controls from the starting material to the finished product. From the starting material, Indena utilizes GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) followed by GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and analytical methods to insure high standards of quality are recorded every step of the way. Indena developed the program in response to the increasing interest in manufacturers requiring more information from ingredient manufacturers about the Quality Assurance (QA) controls in place.

“Indena is excited to introduce Indena 30 to educate manufacturers about the quality control systems Indena has in place,” says Greg Ris, vice president of sales for Indena, U.S.A., Inc. “Manufacturers are becoming more concerned about Quality Assurance and Indena 30 describes how Indena is managing this process to reproduce quality, standardized products time after time.”

Indena 30 overviews the tests Indena completes from the starting herbal material to the products it markets. Here are some facts about the Indena 30 quality control system:

• Quality system is the foundation.

• Every Indena production site has Quality Assurance.

• The application of GMP starts from the botanical raw material (GAP).

• More than 30 quality controls are performed for each batch.

• Standards of the current guidelines for GMP are applied according to the
product category.

• Internal and external audits are continuously performed to improve and
maintain the standard level of the quality.

• The entire process is recorded, from starting plant material to market,
through a Master Batch Record to ensure consistency of the process
and full traceability back to the starting biomass and cultivations.

Indena 30 is described in further detail in a brochure and electronic book format that is available by contacting Indena at (206) 340-6140.

About Indena

Indena, headquartered in Milan, Italy, is a leading supplier of botanical extracts and has more than 80 years of experience in manufacturing pharmaceutical grade botanicals. Indena sets the standards of excellence for active principles for the pharmaceutical and dietary supplement markets. For more information about Indena, contact Indena, U.S.A., Inc, at (206) 340-6140 or visit


Indena, Indena 30 are registered trademarks of Indena S.p.A.

Greg Ris
Vice President of Sales, Indena, U.S.A., Inc.
[email protected]

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