Indena to present research, launch extracts at Vitafoods

Indena to present research, launch extracts at Vitafoods

Indena to present Meriva curcumin product and initial results on Casperome Boswelia extract with lecithin at upcoming trade show.

Polyphenols positive impact on human health is largely known. Nevertheless, it is often complicated to get them where they’re needed because they suffer degradation in water and find it hard to cross the lipid-rich membrane of the gastrointestinal system. This is the reason why Indena invented the Phytosome solution. In a Phytosome, poorly soluble bioactives are formulated into soy lecithin. This disguises them as lipids, protecting them from water degradation and shuttling them across the phospholipid membranes. In this way, a Phytosome mimics the dietary intake of these bioactives and enhances their bioavailability.

Capitalizing on a three decades Phytosome expertise and its extraction know-how, Indena has recently introduced on the market Meriva, the latest breakthrough in curcumin research. The improved oral bioavailability of curcumin formulated as Meriva has been demonstrated both in pre-clinical and clinical studies. With more than 11 published peer reviewed articles in the last three years and with ongoing clinical studies also for other conditions where a solid mechanistic rationale and pre-clinical rationale of efficacy exists for curcumin, Meriva stands out as the most clinically investigated curcumin product ever.

In addition to Meriva, initial results on Casperome will be presented at Vitafoods 2012. Casperome is a new formulation combining a highly standardized Boswellia extract with lecithin in a 1:1 ratio, with one part of microcrystalline cellulose being also added to improve the physical state.

Casperome contains at least 25 percent of boswellic acids by HPLC, with β-boswellic acid as the most abundant constituent. In pre-clinical pharmacokinetic studies, Casperome has shown an increase absorption in plasma and in target tissues for the most relevant boswellic acids, compared to the unformulated Boswellia extract.

Casperome is produced in GMP facility under HACCP, and it is Halal certified.


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