Indena Reports 2005 Financial Results

Flourishing turnover and healthy profits highlighted in annual report

Milan, June 27th 2006 – Indena S.p.A. has posted its consolidated financial results for 2005. Group turnover this year is 19% up on the previous period report to €170 million, 90% of which was generated abroad. At €23,921 million pre tax profits almost tripled compared with the 2004 figure of € 8,353 million whilst the operating margin soared to over €25 million in 2005 from last year’s total of €5,929 million.

The company’s solidity in terms of liquidity and ability to face liabilities is underlined by the 18.35% cash flow percentage on sales, a 3.64% liquidity ratio and by the 0.37%debt/equity ratio.

Dario Bonacorsi, President and CEO of the Italian Company was proud to proclaim that the brilliant results “would allow our company to confirm its world leadership in the botanical derivatives field. We have kept on growing steadily and soundly thanks to our scientific collaboration with some of the world’s main research institutes”.

Indena’s growth has indeed been boosted by expenditure on research, which amounts to 6.6% of turnover. This has enabled focus on the discovery and development of new active principles able to generate added value for both the company and its customers. The fact that some 10% of the 700 strong Indena workforce is engaged in research is sound testimony to the importance attached to it.

Last year alone, Indena filed 12 new patent applications. The company now owns more than 150 primary patents which, when extended throughout the world, give rise to more than 2,000 national patents.

Indena business is focused mainly on the pharmaceutical sector (65%) followed by nutraceuticals (30%) and cosmetics (5%). The US is once again confirmed as the main market, followed by those in Europe and Japan. New markets are emerging however, and nowhere more so than in China where Indena has just opened its latest office in Shanghai.

Indena is the world's leading company dedicated to the identification, development and production of active principles derived from plants, for use in the pharmaceutical, health food and cosmetics industries. Indena, a privately owned Italian company, reported 170 million Euro in consolidated turnover in 2005, mostly generated abroad. The key to Indena's success is its research, covering: the screening of medicinal plants for their pharmacological benefits; the identification of new active principles; and the development of extraction and purification systems at the cutting-edge of industrial application. Backed up by over 80 years of botanical experience, the phyto-chemical research is carried out in Indena's own Settala Research Center, near Milan. Indena also co-operates with the world's most prestigious universities and private research institutions in the biological assessment of safety and effectiveness up to clinical phase I. The company, with more than 700 employees, including 10% dedicated to full-time research, manages cultivation, manufacturing, and distribution operations in more than 40 countries throughout the world. The Company's experts communicate and interact constantly with the major international regulatory authorities such as WHO, EMEA, and ESCOP, and work with all the main pharmacopoeias.

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Further Information on Indena:
Indena Research site

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